Sunday, 27 April 2008

Roma 4 - 1 Torino

A very lazy and laid back afternoon in the sunshine, this was. Apart from a half-hour spell when Roma casually demolished Torino without looking like they'd really broken sweat. We put 4 past them in the Coppa Italia in January and they looked no better today than they did then. Only today was a rather languid affair in places, largely because there's no chance of us winning the scudetto (oh, mathematically yes, but that only shows the irrelevance of mathematics...) SO we were playing for pride, and to make sure that we don't (horror of horrors) let Juve recuperate their 5 points to nick 2nd off us. Dammit, we have fought hard to be second rate this season and no third rate side is going to pinch it! (Second place is of course "il vero sconfitto", the true defeat. But having to play the Champions' League qualifiers is even defeatier than that). We played well, mind.

My mate with whom I normally stand was away today acting as a scrutineer for the provincial/city elections and he leant me his season ticket, with plenty of gruesome threats as to the dire consequences should I mislay it. I took my shoe-buying friend, who isn't that interested in football but is a romanista if she's anything, and who had once expressed an interest in coming in the Curva Sud to see what it was like. It was a very empty day though: what with the long weekend (Friday was a bank holiday) and the warm weather, lots of people were not there. Perhaps at the beach, or in the country. No commitment, some people.

So what with the result looking safe, and the lack of urgency on the pitch in the second half, there was that kind of end-of-term feeling (water-fights, and much silliness with songs - like the song that counts down from 10 being started at 100 instead, in a silly yet curiously satisfying and remarkably loud way). And a fair amount of abuse of Torino & their chances of staying up: Nun se vedemo piĆ¹, se salutamo adesso (this goes along with cheerio-style waving). By the end we'd gone through a good wedge of the songbook and were remiscing about players past ( ooooooooooooh Agostino [Di Bartolomei] etc).

Anyway while we were winning comfortably (Juan's inexplicable red card aside) Milan were beating sorry Livorno 4-1 while Juve-Lazio took things one step further on, finishing 5-2. Told you it was the end of term. Meanwhile, these games having selfishly thus used up most of the entire league's goal allowance, Napoli-Siena and Palermo-Atalanta both ended 0-0. Wins for Reggina (beating Parma) and Empoli (surprisingly winning at Genoa) in their quest for safety, while Cagliari lost at Inter and Catania likewise at Udinese. So the table looks like this:

Inter 81
Roma 75
Juventus 70
Fiorentina 60
Milan 58
Sampdoria 56
Udinese 54
Genoa 48
Napoli 47
Palermo 43
Atalanta 42
Lazio 40
Siena 39
Catania 35
Cagliari 35
Torino 34
Empoli 33
Reggina 33
Parma 31
Livorno 30

Livorno look well and truly fucked (give us our two points back from last week you bastards). But there is still all to play for in relegation terms, it is surprisingly close. Meanwhile the disappointment of Fiorentina only drawing with Samp means that Milan are only 2 points of the Champions' League next season.

Debate of the day: after Totti's non-red card for saying vaffanculo to the ref at Udinese, and Collina's dictum of zero tolerance against swearing at the ref, there is more lip-reading fun to be had at Juventus. The ref blows up for a foul by Del Piero. The bianconero captain responds "Ma che cazzo fischi" and while being carded, walks away gesturing and offering a casual vaffa over his shoulder. Di Vaio was sent off today for the same offence. Why do Del Piero & Totti not get sent off in these cases then? Shall we bet as to whether Legrottaglie or Mudingayi or CalaiĆ² would get away with telling the ref to fuck off?


Garibaldy said...

Maybe given Totti's knee injury, the refs have found some way of secretly kneecapping cheeky players using pressure waves from the side of the pitch.

ursus arctos said...

The news of Fiorentina's second got almost as big a cheer at the Meazza as either of Inter's goals.

And yet once again the Viola are caught napping at the back at the crucial moment.

I'm not terribly confident that Fiorentina are going to be able to hold on; they aren't used to this kind of sustained pressure.

NickLazio1900 said...

If Totti would have actually been sanctioned throughout his career for the numerous off the ball fouls that he's committed, he would have been red-carded at least three to four times a season...

Speaking of Mudingayi, the last time I remember him being involved in an incident was when Cannavaro shattered his leg with a disgusting tackle a couple of years ago and didn't even get a yellow card.