Monday, 21 April 2008

Roma 1 - 1 Livorno

I am only just about able to think about this without being furious any longer. It's one thing to lose a scudetto after having done your best and been beaten by a better team. But to GIVE IT AWAY through complacence, wastefulness, sloppiness, and an almost Arsenal-like ratio of chances to goals is INFURIATING. And YES I do know I am SHOUTING. With good bloody reason. You should have seen me Saturday.

Drawing must-win, easily winnable games is not the mark of champions. Throwing away points at home against soon to be relegated sides is not the mark of champions. And above all a total inability to wrap up a game and make the result secure is the mark of a team who are not going to be champions.

That's all.

No wait, it's not. Livorno?? Livorno?? with all due respect they couldn't score in a brothel. They put ten men behind the ball and worked their arses off. But if we'd carried on playing til Wednesday they still wouldn't have scored from open play. One free-kick on the edge of the area, one goal. Did I say GRRRRRRRRRRRRRRR yet? And this miserable point is not going to keep them up, either. They're still joint bottom on 30. So it was needless.

Oh and of course Inter managed to win - scraping inelegantly past an out-of-sorts Torino 1-0. Who knows whether the added pressure of us being closer behind might have made any difference; perhaps not. But at least we would know that we were doing our best.

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