Wednesday, 2 April 2008

Roma 0 - Man Utd 2

Que sarà, sarà
Ovunque vi seguirem
Ovunque vi sosterrem
Que sarà, sarà...

Oof. A quick update before bed.

We played ok, not brilliant but not half bad. They were better than us, worked really really hard, defended well, looked organised and effective all over the pitch. It was pretty even in the first half til they scored, a Ronaldo header from Scholes. If I told you my feelings about C. Ronaldo they might be forced to take my blog down for excessive obscenity. We looked really lively after the break and had some really good chances... which we totally wasted (or "ate" as we would say around here). And then they sprinted up the other end and induced a defensive/keeping cock-up. Rooney, 0-2, gioco finito.

In the last ten minutes the only effort seemed to be coming from us in the Sud (especially a brilliant rendition of La Società dei Magnaccioni, a traditional Roman folk song which sounds great on the rare occasions when everyone sings it all together.) And they came to thank us after, to a couple of choruses of vinceremo il tricolor [we'll win the scudetto]. Which we still might. Vediamo.

Funnily enough I don't feel as destroyed about this as about, say, the derby - which I didn't feel we deserved to lose - or even the 1-1 at Inter - which again felt undeserved. We played quite well, we lost to a better side. End of story.

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sp3ktor said...

I only watched the last 25 minutes of the first half (I was more interested in the other tie). From the segment I saw, it looked like a very typical Man U European away leg: 6 in defence 4 in attack/midfield. Roma had them camped in their own half but looked toothless in attack, then Man U break and score a cracking goal. As I say I can't comment on the second half performance.

United have been playing this style for most of the season but against most premiership opposition the defence midfielders (and defence) can sit a lot higher up the pitch and help out the attack, last night they didn't have to.

The way Barcelona looked against Shalke last night, United's place in the final looks guaranteed