Monday, 21 April 2008

Portrait of a man betrayed by his knee

Oh yes, the news got better and better: Totti ruptured his anterior cruciate ligament. Oh joy, oh rupture, as Gilbert and Sullivan might have said. If they'd been big football fans. He was successfully operated on yesterday but will be out a minimum of four months, they think: season over. Like ours.


chelsea boy said...

His time is up, buy a fucking centre forward and fucking play him up-fucking-front. Are you listening to me Spelletti you dashing football maverick?

Go out and spend as much as you can get buying Didier Drogba. A) he's great and b) it means I can jump up and down going lalalalalalalalala Didier Drogba for one more season when he beasts his way through Serie A.

Aussie Romanista said...

ACL.... I did it last year. Loads of fun!

ginkers said...

The Livorno result was typical, infuriating Roma. It was always unlikely the league could be won but that just about made it impossible.

I can only hope Totti will be back again. Give me one more season watching his sublime skill over 20 watching Drogba.

martinobhoy said...

When you have such an iconic player it is always a crippling blow to lose him.

I remember when Henrik Larsson broke his leg in 1999. Even though it was only October I knew then it was season over.

patcook said...

minimum of four months - that means he wont be fully fit to start training again till at least august. might hurt your chances next season too.