Wednesday, 2 April 2008

more Roma-Utd things

No trouble, which was excellent news. Not so much as a single light stabbing.

There were enough police out to garrison half Sicily, mind, even the Guardia di Finanza, which was a bit bizarre. What kind of fiscal crime were they hoping to prevent? Did that ticket come out of your taxable income? did you pay for your caffĂ© borghetti with a forged €2 coin? have you got a VAT receipt for that "Odio Manchester" scarf? did you smuggle that huge Utd tattoo through customs, undeclared?

don't you know that public exhibitions of extreme tastelessness are subject to a €20 tax?

The real reason for the mass turn out of police - who were, withal, on their best behaviour for once (no "accidental" beating people over the head this time, no sirree) - was of course nothing to do with caring about whether people got beaten up or not, and everything to do with UEFA's threat to reallocate the 2009 CL final if there was any more trouble. Couldn't have the UEFA showpiece being tarnished by violence could we. Not when last year's final was such a model of peace, harmony and top quality organisation. Or when this year's is going to a country famed for its total absence of hooliganism and uncontrolled street violence.

Anyway, extra security notwithstanding, a number of flares, smoke bombs etc were smuggled into the Curva (Spangly's top tips: coloured smoke not so good for the throat. Do not inhale.) and all the big flags were out in force. There are some which are present every game, others which only get brought out on special occasions. And at least the ground was mostly full.

The players come over to thank us at the end

United's support were pretty good, as they usually are - one of the better away supports in the premiership, I always think.

My heart wants me to say that the tie is not over, but I have always been ruled primarily by the intellect not the emotions (to the despair of some of my loved ones, and the delight of others). So I'm not going to make any kind of rash statement about the return leg.

One more thing: if we get cunting United again next year there will be big, big trouble. I didn't come to Italy to watch my team lose to those buggers every 6 months. Grrrrr.


garibaldy said...

"don't you know that public exhibitions of extreme tastelessness are subject to a €20 tax?"

No wonder you're broke, given your wardrobe :)

Antonio G said...

"I didn't come to Italy to watch my team lose to those buggers every 6 months."

It's true, you could've stayed home and done that. ;-)

ursus arctos said...

The Fiamme Gialle always turn up in the strangest places, don't they?

I remember being quite bemused the first time that I realised that the tax police had a full set of "dress" riot gear (grey with prominent yellow flames, of course), as well as their spiffy Alfa roadsters.

Just think of what the country would be like if they were actually used to enforce the tax laws.

Spangly Princess said...

AG: well precisely.

Ursus: enforce the tax laws?? that's just crazy talk.

chelsea boy said...

United's away support is routinely the best that comes to the Bridge every year. Variety of songs, big numbers and they don't do any of those shit songs that every other club sings.

How can you not love 'who put the ball in the Inter net? Paul dot Scholes dot com'? Exactly, you can't.

TrentToffee said...

They do have a very high entry on the cunt map. Nowhere near as high as Liverpool's though. They occupy pole position.