Thursday, 10 April 2008

Manchester United 1 - 0 Roma

Ebbeh. We played pretty well, after the first 20 minutes, we created some decent chances, we defended quite well, and we lost. If De Rossi had scored from the spot... well, we'd still almost certainly not have gone through. Poor boy. He looked distraught. Vucinic expressed my feelings precisely by giving him a consolatory hug which included a slap round the back of head.

I feel we gave a decent showing of ourselves, and that we can't have any complaints. Mo pensiamoci allo scudetto. Tevez's goal was truly great, and Park and Hargreaves also both impressed me. For us I thought Doni was immense, Vucinic, De Rossi and Juan looked good. I was pleased to see Mancini actually working hard for once, too. And I was even more pleased not to have to watch that smug obnoxious cunt Cristiano Ronaldo.

But by all the stars in heaven, and whatever deities or powers there might be above or below, we'd better not draw them next year. BASTA c'avete veramente rotto i coglioni.


Juventino said...

Attackers score goals like that on Mexes far too often. Roma could sell him, buy Barzagli and have money left over.

Aussie Romanista said...

Yes, defending like that is unacceptable. No marking on Tevez. It was a game that either team could have won 2-0 or 3-0, because the chances were there.
Pizarro is pathetic. Totti is 50% of the team and this tie was proof.
But to say that had De Rossi scored the penalty we still wouldn't have gone through is a bit too negative. Look at Getafe v Bayern. Football is a funny game, aything can happen.... but then Vucinic isn't Luca Toni.
I hope we get them again, and keep getting them until we beat them.