Saturday, 12 April 2008


We interrupt our scheduled programming with extremely exciting news: there was an earthquake this morning! It woke me up at about quarter to 8. Then there was a little after tremor some 10 minutes later. Only 3.8, apparently, so hardly catastrophic, with its epicentre round Ciampino & the Castelli Romani, so a bit further out in the same direction as where I live. Obviously to those readers currently located in San Francisco, not that thrilling. But I was excited.

The bed wobbled, the wardrobe made an alarming jingling sound, and I thought "ooooh an earthquake." Then I went back to sleep.

That is all.


Albert Herring said...

So actually a smaller earthquake than ours? Tsja. We've even got some extra cracks in the plaster as a souvenir.

Lee said...

A post about an earthquake, in bed.....and not a single lame gag about the earth moving?

chelsea boy said...

I was gonna post a gag about there being an mini earthquake every morning when I'm there, but thought better of it.