Tuesday, 1 April 2008

Champions' League

well, I am home, I am feeling a bit better (if still chock full of painkillers), the sun is shining, and just over 4 hours we will be listening to the cheesy notes of the "Champions theme-tune". Woo. Maybe.

No Totti, as we have known for several days, so let's hope that tonight we get the Vucinic who played against Real & Inter rather than than the Vucinic who occasionally turns up to give the ball away a lot and look scared of the goal.

I wish I hadn't watched United demolish Villa so comprehensively on Match of the Day. I mean, we are better than Villa, obviously. A lot better. But... aside from making me shout obscenities at the telly, the thought of putting the defence I had earlier watched making a gigantic mess at the Sant'Elia in front of Rooney & Ronaldo just frightened me.

Let us trust that the players are made of sterner stuff. Wish us luck.


ursus arctos said...

Forza Ragazzi.

Questa sera siamo tutti Romanisti.

Richard said...

Good luck, Roma.

I take heart from the positive vibe emanating from our bald, but snappily dressed, leader. DeRossi is also right to point out that United are much better at home than away.

I will take a lot more heart if Juan materialises in central defence. Panucci is clearly terrified of Ronaldo - I suspect it was he who did the infamous 'begging' - and I'd rather he wasn't involved in this tie at all.

A draw would not be an awful result, as I think Roma are capable of avoiding defeat at Old Trafford. But I can't see Roma winning there. So we must not lose tonight at all costs.

Richard said...


Given that United have much bigger resources, and that the timing of the game suited them much better, I was pleased with what we did for the first hour. The Roma fans sounded magnificent on the telly. The team played with discipline and a reasonable amaount of panache. Ronaldo scored a goal that was difficult to stop. I'll take that on the chin.

The second goal was the killer. It should never have been conceded, and a clutch of defenders and, particulrly, Doni, seemed to be to blame. In fact, one of the replays on ITV suggested it might be an own goal. Horrible.

After the second goal, something happened to Max Tonetto. Always a good player, he had a turn-green-burst-shirt kind of reaction. He suddenly looked like Diego Maradona at the World Cup in America. Every time he got the ball he beat about 157 United players and took the ball from his own penalty area to the opposition goalmouth. It was compelling. But after about three minutes he was knackered and Spalletti took him off.

Stirring rendition of the Inno, though. Not a bad performance. Well done, Roma. Ish.