Monday, 10 March 2008

The wonderfulness of language

The Region of Lombardy is not surprisingly one of the most "up to date" of Italy's regions, and most advanced in permitting you to complete various bureaucratic functions and pay various taxes online.

Should you choose to avail yourself of their car tax paying facility, you will be required to enter details of your car's fuel type on the drop-down menu labelled "Alimentazione". Is it, for instance, a petrol vehicle (Benzina)? or a diesel (Gasolio)? or electric (Elettrico)?

or is it a hybrid (Benzina/Elettrico)? or perhaps petrol/oil (Benzina/Olio)?

or perhaps Benzina/Wank?


I am struggling to translate this last option. Are they perhaps suggesting that ejaculate, when mixed with petrol, offers an ecologically sound alternative fuel method?

All suggestions gratefully received. Perhaps those of my readers domiciled in the Regione Lombardia can shed insight on the latest automotive technological developments in that part of the world?

[I should add, in the interests of scrupulousness, that the Regione Lombardia is not my client, nor am I betraying any kind of client confidentiality. My client is only tangentially involved in the Regione's inscrutable definitions.]


ursus arctos said...

I'm guessing that they are thinking about the "Wankel" rotary engines that Mazda used to crow about and that either a) something got lost in translation, or b) someone who learned a "naughty" word during a school trip to the UK couldn't resist temptation.

Spangly Princess said...

A distressingly mundane yet eminently plausible explanation. Thank you.

Nice bear.

sp3ktor said...

Can you enlighten us to Cassano's colourful use of language?

ursus arctos said...

Yeah, I actually considered apologising for a lack of creativity in the answer itself, but figured that since the query was inherently commercial, the normal standards did not apply.

sp3ktor, Spangles will have greater familiarity with Cassano's entire oeuvre (going back to his time at Bari), but his most recent outburst was heavy on the repetition and very, very thin on creative obscenity. Though it is worth mentioning that the exaggerated mouthing to the ref of "go f*ck yourself" in a way that even a five year old could "lip read" was a memorable moment.