Tuesday, 4 March 2008


...I have been mostly trying not to think about Real-Roma since it is too distracting and worrying. The fact that I managed in a translation to suggest not once but twice that companies could be quoted on the sock exchange suggests that the non-distraction plan has been less than totally successful.

I have also been trying to find more work, trying to write a lecture on the Russian Revolution, trying to translate the list of possible messages produced by an ATM during various transactions, being mistaken for a student by my colleagues (yet again) and being mistaken for a Sard (yet again... this accent is a real problem. Specially when you come out with Roman dialect in a Sard accent). And I wanted to go to the tax office this morning and I didn't make it. OK that's a big lie. I didn't *want* to go to the tax office. Nobody ever wants to go to a tax office, I'm fairly sure, and certainly not when it's at the arse end of nowhere (a long winding bus journey out from Cinecittà). Let's just say that I urgently need to go to the tax office, and had hoped to get it done today. grr.

And it's 18.16 and I still have at least 2 hours of translation to do, plus I need to look over the Mid-Term paper I have set for tomorrow's exam, and write another few emails. And I'm tired.

So still no time to write the badly overdue Pitch Invasion post I was hoping to write today nor really to tell you much about Totti being charged for bringing the game into disrepute for slagging off the ref after the Inter game (likely outcome: a hefty fine).


garibaldy said...

The Italians have a tax office?

Spangly Princess said...

I share your astonishment.

I am about to enter the world of Italian VAT processing. Try, if you will, to conceive of my joy and unbounded enthusiasm.

chris c paul said...

I have a joke about the Russian revolutin for you. I expect you have heard it biut in case not here goes.

Lenin, Trotsky, and Stalin were marooned on a desrt island together. They had nothing to eat except coconuts and a can ofbeans. But they had no can opener.

Lenin decided to open the can and sat dow for a long time to work out how. After some thought he stood up and announced. "comrades, I have cracked it." And lifted a stone to wait height and dropped it onto the can. But the can remiained sealed.

Then Stalin sat down, inspired by the efforts of Lenin, and after a couple of minutes he stood up and said "comrades, I have cracked it." And lifted a bigger stone to head height and dropped it on the can. But the can remained sealed.

Finally Trotsky tried. He sat alone in thought for days, then paced up and down the island in an effort to find a solution. Eventually he announced "Comrades, I have cracked it." Lenin and Stalin listened intently.

"Comrades, imagine that we had a can opener..."