Monday, 3 March 2008

Roma 4 - 0 Parma

ROMA-PARMA 4-0 (primo tempo 1-0)
MARCATORI: Aquilani al 27' p.t.; autorete Falcone al 6', Totti al 35', Vucinic al 49' s.t.

ROMA (4-2-3-1): Doni; Cicinho, Panucci, Ferrari, Tonetto (36' s.t. Antunes); Brighi, Aquilani; Taddei, Giuly (19' s.t. Esposito), Mancini (28' s.t. Vucinic); Totti. (Julio Sergio, Juan, De Rossi, Perrotta). All. Spalletti.

PARMA (4-4-1-1): Bucci; Coly (12' s.t. Pisanu), Falcone, Rossi, Zenoni; Dessena , Morrone, Cigarini, Castellini; Gasbarroni (32' s.t. Reginaldo); Budan (12' s.t. Lucarelli). (Pavarini, Paci, Mariga, Corradi). All. Di Carlo.

ARBITRO: Rocchi di Firenze.

Yet another Saturday night game. At least this was at 18h not 20.30. Would it be too much to ask to play on a Sunday afternoon from time to time? Since the new year, at home, we've played precisely twice at the traditional time.

In fairness to poor Parma, for whom I have a long-held soft-spot (born out of that rather wonderful mid-late 90s side, and the fact that in Championship Manager '97 I won the Champions' League with them 3 times on the trot) giallorosso superiority on Saturday was not really quite so extreme as the result would suggest. They worked hard in the first half, but basically fell apart after the own goal. Totti is very emphatically back to his old self - if not his best, then certainly the player we all know and love. (Quiet at the back there). Vucinic looked lively when he came on too. Lots of polemiche about Aquilani's non-celebration of his goal, his row with Totti (coming shortly after his row with Panucci of a week or so ago) but I think it's mostly just media huff and his own rather unsteady temperament. The Sud was a bit empty, though not as empty as the rest of the ground, and things were a trifle subdued despite the Totti-beating-Losi's-record-fest. But it was a fun night all in all. And afterwards I went for a disgustingly large dinner with a big bunch of people I've met in the curva (including a pazzo who commutes from Milan just for la maggica) and a good time was had by all.

But of course this is not the really exciting football news from the weekend... that honour belongs to Napoli (who we will be visiting next week) who beat Inter 1-0 in the posticipo. Ok, with the help of the ref. But it's about time that Inter were on the end of some bad refereeing decisions for once, as opposed to always benefitting from them. Yes I know this is a stereotypical Roman complaint - though believe me, AR, they moan about this all over, and often with justification. I promise to try not to go on about it again.

2 points from the last 3 games!!! that sounds like a crisis to me. If only if only we'd hung on last Wednesday, it'd be -3 and game very much on. Anyway, we are now at -6, though with an inferior head to head record, so effettivamente -7, but this looks altogether more doable. Especially remembering Inter's record of throwing away championships - we don't have to go back to 66/67, look at what happened in 2001/2, after all. I feel torn about them & Liverpool: I hate Liverpool, obviously. Firstly and most importantly because of the nauseous self-aggrandizing self-righteous pomposity of their fans, but also da buona romanista, and finally as an Everton simpatizzante. And Liverpool winning in Europe is anathema to me as it should be to all right-thinking people. But it's hard to want Inter to win. I can't decide whether it would be better (for Roma and the scudetto) for them to be knocked out, further demoralising an already floundering team, or for them to go through, putting extra pressure on their fixture list and further stretching their resources.

First and foremost there's Real for us to worry about: lacking Van Horseface & Robben (thankfully, he ran us ragged in the first leg) but having recuperated Robinho, so hardly looking a weak and inconsequential prospect. But Totti is in good form, and he likes scoring against Real. In the paper this morning he reveals that at Christmas each year they used to send him Real Madrid shirts with "10" "Totti" printed on the back. Does that not count as tapping up, I wonder?


Richard said...

Good old Napoli. I had a slight hunch they might do it, but sadly not enough to have backed them.

I didn't know that van Nistelhoorse and Robben were out. A bonus indeed. Makes up for the return of Robinho.

Inter are among the most loathsome teams in the peninsula, but I have absolutely no problem 'supporting' them against Liverpool. By 'supporting' I mean that I will watch the game from the sofa and muster a feeble 'Woot!' if they score, and perhaps flick a peanut at the telly if they concede. Which is about as good as my support gets, so I hope the useless buggers are grateful.

Of course, being Inter, the chances of them going through are slightly smaller than the fragments of particles being shunted through that accelerator thingy somewhere under the Alps.

Melina said...

Here in Canada, as far as I can tell, everyone with Italian heritage cheers for every Italian team competing in Europe, no questions asked. When I visited Rome a couple of years ago, I was shocked when I caught the Milan/PSV semi and saw the locals cheering vehemently for the Dutch side. I've learned a great deal about the fandom culture since then, mind you, but at the time, it made no sense.

Aussie Romanista said...

I'm wearing my Napoli shirt to training tonight!!!
Forza Napule !!
Any time something goes against Inter is a good time.
So also Forza Liverpool.

Melina.... I think you're confused about Inter being an Italian side.

Spangly Princess said...

AR, as soon as I read Melina's post I set a timer for you to pop up and point out the non-italianità of Inter.

Melina as you say most Italians prefer to tifare contro when it comes to rivals in Europe. I might write someithng on this for Pitch Invasion.

Aussie Romanista said...

You know me so well Princess.... we're like twins!!