Thursday, 6 March 2008

REAL MADRID 1 - 2 ROMA (Roma win 4-2 on agg)

Headline from

This we like.

This we also like. Bless him. he was brilliant last night. as were Aquilani, Totti, De Rossi, Cicinho, Doni, and with Tonetto, Mexes, Juan not far behind.

no incisive match analysis here, just a big WOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOT

or, if you prefer:

Roma a cuartos, adiós Madrid, Spalletti le ganó la partida a Shuster, metió a Vucinic en el segundo tiempo viendo la pasividad del Madrid y la entrada del montenegrino dinamito el partido, un palo, provoca la expulsión y anota el 1-2, la Roma fue superior en todo aspecto incluso desperdicio varios contragolpes que pudieron significar una goleada. Los ultimos minutos se antojaban para la entrada de Giuly y terminar de romper el partido pero Spalletti decidió dar entrada a Panucci, bueno en fin gran partido de la loba, Cicinho enorme, De Rossi como siempre, Aquilani y Totti manejaron la pelota con criterio y desquiciaron al equipo madridista. La gran realidad es que el mediocampo del Madrid fue un desastre

(my Spanish football blog of choice is Diarios de Futbol, and reading about it in Spanish, with Madrid fans singing our praises, is kind of gratifying).

the sorteggio is on 14 March, and chances of getting an english team are high. I can't say I want any of them: not Man Utd for obvious reasons, nor yet Liverpool for I hope equally obvious reasons. And in personal terms either Chelsea or Arsenal would be a macello. Vabbeh dobbiamo aspettare.

and in the quarters for a second consecutive year. and with every chance of being the only Italian representative. quasi quasi comincio a credere pure nello scudetto...

did I say woo already?


Erika said...

Hola, me gusta mucho tu blog de fútbol, y suelo leerlo, pero, si me lo permites, y como estamos en unas fechas especiales, quisiera comentar otra cosa, algo sobre Rosa Díez y su partido político UPyD



Porque, igual que tú, queremos:

1. Que todos los españoles tengan iguales derechos y obligaciones, sea cual sea la región donde vivan o residan circunstancialmente.

2. Recuperar para el Estado las competencias de educación y fiscalidad, para asegurar los mismos derechos, incluidos los lingüísticos para todos los ciudadanos.

3. Que los partidos nacionalistas dejen de condicionar y coartar el presente y el futuro del conjunto de nuestro país.

4. Reforzar la separación de poderes, de modo que jueces y fiscales no actúen como delegados de los partidos políticos.

5. Conseguir un sistema electoral más representativo, unas instituciones más transparentes y unos partidos más respetuosos con la democracia.

6. No tener que elegir entre una derecha y una izquierda sectarias y antiguas, incapaces de entenderse para defender los intereses comunes de los ciudadanos.

Rosa Díez al Parlamento


Aussie Romanista said...

We already are the only Italian representatives.
It was an excellent performance in both matches, especially in Madrid, but let's not do the typical Roman thing and celebrate before we've won anything.
We shouldn't be surprised and get hysterical. There's a job to do, and that should be the attitude.

As for who we get next, who cares. If you want to be the best you have to beat the best, so anyone will do.

Spangly Princess said...

*ticks "non-italianità of Inter" box*

Erika wins a prize for the least expected response to this post. Though, at a cursory glance, the UPyD has what appears to be an interesting programme which I might be able to get behind. Were I a Spanish citizen. Which I'm not. But, y'know, thanks.

as for the hysteric over-reaction, I couldn't agree more, AR. time to calm down & focus on Napoli.

chris c paul said...

hola erika- mientras que me gusta sus ideas democratico estoy sospechoso del la frase "No tener que elegir entre una derecha y una izquierda sectarias y antiguas, incapaces de entenderse para defender los intereses comunes de los ciudadanos."

Sin duda el mundo es mas complejo que las divisiones de 'izquerda y derecha' pero para ignorar las divisiones fundamental entre los dos es para participar en un rhetorico vacio- como el partido de Blair y Brown en el Reino Unido-o peor todavia.

Pero si- todo interesante. Que partido de football te gusta? ;-) Suerte.

Spangly Princess said...

I think it's true that the old rhetoric of right and left is sometimes unhelpful, or at least limited, and doesn't necessarily reflect the political & social world we now live in (not to mention ignoring some fundamental structural attitudes, as best brought out by the "political compass" way of looking at things).

So I think that trying to open up a debate about terminology and the lines we draw, politically, is broadly a good thing.

But yeah, Chris, the Brown-Blair model is a fine contra-example, motivated less by intellectual courage than by superficiality and power-hunger. I don't know enough about Spanish politics to assess the likely success or otherwise of the project there.

(I am not about to humiliate myself by attempting to write in Spanish).

ursus arctos said...

Surely you mean ticks "non-italianità of Inter" box in celebration of historic Roma victory due to goals from two Brazilians, a Chilean and a Montenegrin, with club's totemic captain giving primary credit for the win to a Frenchman and another Brazilian . . .

[insert smiley thing]

But as I said earlier, Grazie Roma. That Marca screengrab is one of the most beautiful things I've ever seen.

Henry Ford said...

Sometimes this blog reminds me of those old books of crit from the 30s and 40s that quote ancient greek and modern german side by side in their discussions of aesthetics and just expect you to fucking deal with it.

roswitha said...

This made me jump about in joy! Oh, Aquilani, what a beautiful boy you are.

roswitha said...

PS. Also - some help, if you could? Someone brought up the old accusation of de Rossi making racist remarks to one of the Lyon players when they played this round last year. From what I remember this was purely based on what one of the players said, and DDR refuted it himself, and it never got any further - do you remember the details of this? And did the matter go any further?

Spangly Princess said...

H Ford: thank you, I take that as a compliment. and people have only ever had discussions in romance languages on here, so no problems. I think if people began to comment in Russian or Turkish things might get more complicated.

Roswitha: what, iirc, it boiled down to was De Rossi saying "negro" to Abidal, and then going with Daniele Baldini (a Roma director who speaks French) to apologise to him in the dressing room afterwards. Abidal accepted his apology, they swapped shirts, and no more was said by either player or either club, though the (french) media tried to stir things up. It wasn't mentioned in the ref's report nor was any complaint ever filed.

roswitha said...

Good to know - I didn't realise he'd gone and apologised. Good of him. Thanks, SP!