Monday, 24 March 2008

Nottingham Forest 0 - 0 Brighton and Hove Albion

Today's match was almost as exciting as the scoreline would suggest. Not only was the match thrilling, but it was also an absolutely freezing afternoon. In fact, it actively snowed. I went with my stepfather, who has a season ticket in the Trent end. I borrowed my youngest brother's ticket since I was curious to see Forest in action, and he was frankly not that fussed. Forest seemed to play a rather confused 4-3-3 with a lot of congestion in the middle of the pitch and a frustrating inability to score any goals. Or at least so far as they showed today. Luckily for the home team, Brighton looked even worse. In all honesty, by the second half I was far too cold to pay a great deal of attention to the quality of the football. There weren't even any chips. It's beginning to look like Forest won't make the automatic promotion spots after all, but ought to make the play-offs. I tried very hard not to make comparisons with Roma.

As you can probably guess from this I'm currently in the UK. I arrived on Saturday night after hideous journey to spend Easter with my family. Tomorrow I will be heading down south to visit Chelsea Boy. The university is on what I must learn to call spring vac so I have a week off. Cunningly I have timed my visit to CB to avoid the Arsenal game, which I felt might prove rather testing all round. The less we say about that, the better.

I'm writing this post using voice recognition software, which is a new one on me. My mother invested in it after breaking her arm last month, and it has enabled her to continue working. I've long been interested in it as a result of having RSI myself. But I'd always heard that it was difficult to use and took a long time to set up. On the contrary, it's been extremely easy to learn how to use and I think I'm going to have to buy a copy once I return home. The only thing which is rather tricky is learning to dictate in full sentences. I've been impressed by the vocabulary which the programme seems to recognize. But I don't think I'll test it just yet with any Roman dialect.


Tom said...

I would have killed to be at the match that bored you to tears, waiting anxiously to discover the final score 4,000 miles away (0-0 was a good result for the Albion, keeps us well in the playoff hunt, so I was pleased).

Weird world, isn't it?

Spangly Princess said...

it was the cold that was the problem, really. Not the football so much. I am generally pretty happy with football of any quality of football provided I can retain the feeling in my fingers.

the Albion fans were great though. much better than the home side who might as well have been dead for all the noise they made.

TrentToffee said...'s not cold ya big jessy. A depressing stat for you. Your parents live in the most robbed city in the UK. Apparently, Nottinghamians are 63% more likely to be burgled than anywhere else in the UK. Yet another good reason** for you to stay in Rome :0)

* As well as it being warmer.

Brian said...

I've been experimenting with voice-recognition software lately, too. I like it, but I'm afraid I'm going to start adding "period" and "question mark" to my everyday conversation.

Anyway comma I hope you've warmed up comma and are able to enjoy the rest of your holiday exclamation mark

philcafc said...

Hope Therry Racon played well for B&HA, he hasn't got a fair chance a Charlton. Good tackler and moves the ball well he does.

Going back to your last blog and Sardinia probably not being represented next season, it's good to see Cagliari have their 3 points back. That points loss almost helped them, they've taken up a bit of a siege mentality lately and really picked up form. Hopefully the points reversal won't change that. Except for this weekend!

chelsea boy said...

I've always had a soft spot for Brighton, their support is very underrated.

taylor said...

The worst game of football I have ever seen was Nottingham Forest v Southampton on Hassan Kachloul's debut for Southampton. He scored the only goal, but I didn't care, and nor did anyone else. Not even Hassan Kachloul.

The coldest game of football I've been to was Grantham Town v Non Descript East Midlands Former Mining Town. It finished 6-0 to Grantham Town (as did the only other Grantham Town game I went to, against Ilkeston Town, which is a Non Descript East Modlands... etc), but I saw none of the goals as I spent the entire second half in the gents' toilets under the hand-dryer, trying to defrost myself.

That is all.

Richard said...

Completely off topic, but because I don't know anywhere better to post Roma-related stuff, can I say that a) I read Doni in today's Observer saying that last year's 7-1 could never happen again, and b) I then watched a recording of Man Utd's 4-0 win over Aston Villa yesterday. It is undoubtedly one of the top 5 performances I have ever seen. I've been so impressed by Arsenal this year, and God knows I'd rather they won the league than Utd, but hey - Utd are even better.

I think this Utd team is in the same class as Rijkaard's Barca at their peak, better than Lippi's Juve, and within touching distance of the early 90s Milan sides. It is by some distance the best team Fergie has had in his 874 years at Old Trafford.

Right now, I'd be tempted to take 7-1 on Tuesday.

Albert Herring said...

It was hardly freezing, just mildly chilly, with a few flakes of snow in the air, and my skiing jacket was definitely overkill, at least in the shelter of Trent Lower. I wasn't even wearing gloves, and I'm notoriously freddoloso/soft-southern.

We were definitely uncoordinated shite, though. They can actually play much better than that, which makes it all the more annoying.

We only get burgled here when we actively leave doors open, so far. Although we're technically not in Nottingham anyway, like the City Ground.