Wednesday, 5 March 2008


less than 2 hours til kick off. I am going to get going now. I hope that you are all supporting us tonight. and sending positive thoughts. eek.


martinobhoy said...

Probably Italy's best chance of winning the Big Cup as things stand so of course we're all behind Roma tonight.

Richard said...

What a pleasant way of passing a Wednesday evening. I thought Roma were magnificent. My only complaint is about the quality of the TV pundits on Sky - Trevor Francis (yes, he's still on TV) said he had never heard of Aquilani before, and there was general surprise that Roma didn't have 126 men behind the ball at all times.

Trev and his mate in the commentary box thought that Vucinic was the new Ronaldo. I'll admit that he was great against the Viola the other weekend, and even better here tonight, but he's still the bloke who played for Lecce and is basically a reserve at Roma - isn't he?

Complimenti Roma, anyway. Fenerbahce in the next round, anyone?

ginkers said...

Grande Roma e Grande Vucinic. If the boy could get consistent he would be a stunner of a player - he is already not bad even without being consistent. Good on the old baldy boss for spotting that the game was set up for his talents!

jimhancot said...

Well done Van, what an awesome result! Hopefully no Man Yoo and you'll march on! Forza Roma!

M x

Martinus Scriblerus said...
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