Friday, 21 March 2008

Mid-terms: the Grades

It has been drawn most correctly to my notice that I never got back to you about your mid-term exams. Apologies, and rest assured that I've not forgotten about you.

First things first, some answers:

1. Dates:

  1. Franco-Prussian War 1870-1
  2. Boer War 1899-1902 (bonus points for smartarses who want to talk about the 1880-1 Transvaal War)
  3. Entente Cordiale 1904
  4. Congress of Berlin 1878 (renegotiation of Treaty of San Stefano)
  5. establishment of the Duma 1905
  6. Young Turk Revolution 1908

2. Countries:

a. signed the Triple Alliance in 1882? Germany, Austria-Hungary, Italy

b. went to war in 1911-2 over Libya? Italy, Ottoman Empire

c. suffered a major constitutional crisis in 1911? Britain - subject to your various caveats about the extent of the crisis, yeah

d. was defeated by Japan in 1904-5? Russia

e. went to war in 1877-8? Russia, Ottoman Empire

f. was guaranteed neutral by international treaty until invaded in 1914? Belgium

3. History is all about Big Men, no really it is:

  1. Giolitti - liberal Prime Minister of Italy, repeatedly, master of political compromise in the trasformismo system, fence-sitter extraordinaire
  2. Franz Josef II - suspiciously long-lived, profoundly conservative Habsburg Emperor who almost single-handedly managed to keep the disintegrating elements of his kingdoms together despite a rather tragic personal life
  3. Abdul Hamid II - even more conservative, deeply paranoid and violently autocratic Sultan & Caliph of the Ottoman Empire, prone to massacring Armenians when things looked tricky
  4. Bismarck - brilliant Prussian diplomatist, architect of German unification, effective ruler of the United Germany from 1871-90
  5. Boulanger - unpleasant French radical right-wing general and demagogue, ultimately cowardly, fled to Belgium rather than see through the coup he engineered in 1889
  6. Marx - oh come on, you all know this one. Man with big beard. Wrote some books. Kinda influential in his way.
  7. Dreyfus - First Jew on French General Staff, convicted of espionage for Germany on trumped up charge, became cause celebre, indicated depth of anti-Semitism in French army circles
  8. Gladstone - A kind of bag - a leather suitcase with metal frame. Also a British Liberal Prime Minister, the "Grand Old Man", famous for getting up Queen Victoria's nose & for pushing Home Rule for Ireland.
  9. Mustafa Kemel Atatürk - Father of modern Turkey, leader of the Young Turks who first (pre-Atark) restored the Constitution & then under his leadership established the Turkish Republic in 1923 after the Greco-Turkish War
  10. Archduke Franz Ferdinand - unloved nephew of (b) - advocate of Tripartite division of Habsburg Empire with creation of South Slav Kingdom, assassinated 28 June 1914 in Sarajevo, inordinately vain
  11. Bethmann Hollweg - German Chancellor before & during most of WWI, managed to be both pro-war & pro-British, confusing himself and others
  12. Lloyd George - Lloyd George knew my father, father knew Lloyd George... no, wait, that's not right. Last Liberal PM, mostly during WWI, Welsh Wizard, Minister for Munitions, People's Budget, yadda yadda.
  13. Sergei Witte - Russian politician, finance minister to Nicholas II, chiefly responsible for the Trans-Siberian Railway, drew up the October Manifesto in 1905 which laid the foundations for the first elected parliament (Duma)
  14. Christabel Pankhurst - humourist. No, wait... British suffragette, co-founder of WSPU with mother Emmeline, hunger-striker, stood in 1918 General Election. Went to a school I turned down.
  15. Gavrilo Princep - Bosnian Serb student with too much time on his (Black) hands, assassin of (j) and his morganatic wife Sophie, to the secret delight of (b), popularly known as precipitator of WWI
  16. Wilhelm II - splendidly moustached militarist in a spiked helmet. Sacked (d), tried to grab Germany a Place in the Sun in a sulk because his cousin had bigger shinier navy than he did.

Marks with in brackets the total possible marks for the questions you attempted:

Henry Ford 5 (12) [42%]
Sp3ktor: 15.5 (27) [57%]
Richard: 10.5 (36) [29%]
Chris C Paul: 27.5 (36) [76%]
Failed Genius 23.5 (33) (Points should be deducted for inability to count to 8, also) [71%]
Albert Herring 17.5 (36) [49%]

Well done all of you and especially those who completed all the questions (and can count...). Chris C Paul gets some Italian confectionery of his choice. No, that's not a euphemism. Behave, class. (My kids got between 21 and 33 out of 36, bless them.)


chris c paul said...

I am very proud.

Can I swap confectinary for cheese? I have had my fill lof confectinary this weekend. And I particulalry overdid it on the 'homemade rum and fruit chocolate ice cream sponge cake' front.

Spangly Princess said...

the cake sounds interesting

I speculate: soak cherries and raisins in rum, make a rich chocolate fruit cake, sandwich together with ice cream?

ot make a kind of chocolate cassata in a cake?

anyway you can indeed have cheese: half a kilo each of pecorino sardo, ricotta fresca and gorgonzola?

chris c paul said...

the cake: soak raisins and orange with rum. Kinda mix together with cream and sponge fingers until it look like a cake. I must confess that I did not make it, much more of a mains and starters man...

That sounds like an awful lot of delicious cheese. I have not even posted your red bounty...

Albert Herring said...

I feel that some of my answers may have been unfairly penalised - for a start, Dreyfuss really was an indirect cause of the Tour de France - the race was first run to promote sales during a circulation war between the dreyfussard Le Vélo and its anti-dreyfussard offshoot L'Auto (by the latter, and its organisers continue to be wankers to this day)

Spangly Princess said...

Albert: I think I gave you a point for that answer. Just not all 3. Since it is a trifle, y'know, incomplete? idiosyncratic? misleading?

Albert Herring said...

Of course it was idiosyncratic and misleading. I expect that to get extra points, not fewer.

sp3ktor said...

Well over 50% isn't bad considering I hadn't done any revision.