Thursday, 20 March 2008

Lazio 3 - 2 Roma

we lost. What more is there to say. I sort of have to post something today or you'll think I'm sulking. Which of course I am. I have been neglecting you of late, apologies: first Chelsea Boy was here and then I have been sick with flu. Yesterday I didn't make it to work, and after a day in bed went and stood in the Sud with a headache and a streaming cold and a slight wooziness around the edges of the world. Relying on Roma to make me feel better. Which they did not. What can I say? right now, not a lot. Maybe tomorrow.


Aussie Romanista said...

Forget that. It's just a game....

This is classic. I found this posted on a forum. This is FAAARKING BRILLIANT !!!!!!!! :

Ciao Romanistas,

In case you haven't heard, 'Nicolas Cage' was at the Roma-Real game at Santiago Bernabeu stadium and he received the presidential treatment!

Just kidding!

In reality, it was Italian actor and super romanista Paolo Calabresi, for his TV show 'Italian Job' on Italy's 'la7' channel. The actor enjoyed the game from 'la tribuna de honor' and fooled almost everyone at the Bernabeu, from the security guards, Real Madrid staff, Robinho and even President Calderon who handed him an autographed Robinho jersey and personalized Real jersey with Nicolas Cage on the back. The only one whom he apparently did not fool was Francesco Totti, who simply smiled and did not ruin Calabresi's guise.

Many Spanish news sources have claimed this prank as the 'third goal for Roma at the Bernabeu was scored by Calabresi.'

Bravo Calabresi!! Sempre Forza Roma!!

...and here's the video:
Nic Cage @ Bernebeu Part 1
Nic Cage @ Bernebeu Part 2
Un falso Nicolas Cage se coló en el Bernabéu

terzo tempo said...

That's halarious.
Leave to the Calabresi..