Wednesday, 5 March 2008

have some of that!

Milan 0 - 2 Arsenal!! I wouldn't claim to be any kind of proper Arsenal fan any more, but I confess to being pretty damn pleased about this. For years Arsenal were a thus-far-
and-no-further side in Europe, and there's still a lot to prove. But winning 2-0 in San Siro - and playing Milan off the park besides, from all accounts - goes a long way. And made my mother (recuperating from a nasty broken arm) very happy besides. Forza Arsenal (go on Ursus, admit you were hoping for a gooner win last night....)

Pirlo: Guys... is this roll-neck wrong with my hairstyle? Oh.. I was meant to *play* tonight?

And though you'll not find Il Cavaliere being quoted too often in these parts, I thought you might like to share in Berlusconi's comments: "Arsenal ha giocato molto bene, ha strameritato la vittoria, grazie al bel gioco e una grande forza atletica. Per lunghi momenti non ci hanno fatto vedere la palla". [Arsenal played very well and more than deserved the win thanks to their attractive play and considerable athleticism. For long periods they didn't let us see the ball.] Aw diddums... did they not let you join in their game? Typical Arsenal, selfishly hogging the ball....

e mo speriamo che augura bene pe stasera... *hypernervous*


punk said...

grande arsenal ;)

ursus arctos said...

I was indeed supporting the Gooners last night, though I'm not sure I would have felt so strongly if Berlusconi wasn't in the middle of a campaign (his crestfallen face was the highlight of the night).

I even punched the air when Fabregas scored, but then he really is a Barca boy, you know . . .

It is going to be quite interesting to see what Silvio and Galliani do now. I continue to think that the outcome of the elections will have an impact on that.

Richard said...

Arsenal were excellent, though personally I'm of the want-all-Italian-sides-to-win-against-English-opponents school.

That's Milan's season over, then. At least they can make an early start on scouting the half a dozen or so players that they need to replace their veterens. Ursus - how do you think the elections will affect Milan? Is it a case of win the elections, spend big in the transfer market - or vice versa?

Fingers crossed for tonight's game. Let's hope Pizarro turns up and Mexes stays on the pitch for 90 minutes. Or longer, if necessary.

sp3ktor said...

Strangely, 200% thought it an awful match - - but then he's a spurs fans

ursus arctos said...

Richard, the answer to your question is yes.

Basically, I think recent history demonstrates that Berlusconi's willingness (and perhaps ability) to invest in the club is linked to his political fortunes and the "synergies" positive political results can create for his other businesses. The drop-off in actual activity (as opposed to endless promises and bluster) during his recent period out of power is quite telling in this regard.

I have a huge amount of respect for 200%, but find that view a bit strange. I also support Tottenham and thought that last night's match was really very good (though Milan were poor).

patcook said...

Arsenal's draw at the JJB makes our loss even more disappointing.

I thought it was a great match, I think its one of the only times I've ever seen a side successfully close down both Pirlo and Kaka.

I think Milan looked so bad because Arsenal were so good. It also needs to be remembered that Milan played about 13 games in the preceeding 40 days or so and were struggling with injury.

And i highly doubt that Berlusconi will spend huge money on Milan no matter how the election goes.