Friday, 21 March 2008

The eternal debate...

Attendance: 55,000. Or thereabouts. That's not bad for a game that kicks off at 21,15 of all the godforsaken hours, on a sodding Wednesday. It's still rather poor for a Rome derby, mind. I know it was the (ill-)luck of the draw that it was a mid-week game, but the kick off time was absurd. No criticism to laziali, plenty of people on both sides of the city simply can't make a match which won't even finish till 23,00 at the earliest, which means it'll be 23,20 before you're even on your bus/tram/motorino heading home. Ridiculous. But the whole idea of a mid-week derby is shit.

Anyway, attendances. Late last year Bill of Bill's Sports Maps sent me his very interesting Serie A 2006-7 attendances map and has now followed that up with an updated version, which takes a slightly different approach, in showing kits and club details. (Click to see it full-size).

Here you can see the clubs by region (Tuscany is the best represented in A, while clearly the East side of the country is unlucky: no top flight representatives from Puglia, the Basilicata, Molise, Abruzzo, the Marche, Umbria, or the Veneto. Only Udine saves Friuli Venezi Giulia from completing a miserable eastern clean sweep. The other autonomous regions don't do too well either, nothing from Val d'Aosta or the Alto Adige (perhaps unsurprisingly, is anywhere up there flat enough for a football pitch?) and it's looking likely (though no longer inevitable) that the final Regione Autonoma, Sardinia, will be out of Serie A next time round too.

Bill's map also shows the number of major domestic trophies won by each side, a salutary reminder of the important histories of teams like Genoa and Torino, in these big-3 dominated times. Enjoy.


Anonymous said...

"in these big-3 dominated times. Enjoy."? which 3? jk.

ursus arctos said...

The SudTirol has a number of teams in C2 (including the eponymous Alto Adige), but they are almost all from the Adige valley and parts west; the parts you are more professionally familiar with tend to be more winter sports oriented for obvious reasons.

Valle d'Aosta is probably the least calcio-oriented part of the country. No teams above D (and not many there) and, if I recall correctly, only one or two players from the region to have ever played in Serie A.

terzo tempo said...
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