Tuesday, 26 February 2008


This Serie A round-up brought to you by the Colonel from Monty Python's Flying Circus.

I'm afraid this round of matches has got rather silly. I like a laugh and a joke as much of the next man. Indeed I laughed heartily when Lazio lost to 10-man Cagliari with the only goal coming in the last minute of normal time. And no-one could be more delighted than I was when Inter could only draw at Samp. But for Torino and Parma to draw 4-4 is just too silly. And that's not even the first 4-4 scoreline of the season in Serie A, which is even sillier. And Udinese 3 Genoa 5 is a very silly scoreline indeed. Move along please.
In other news Juve have issued a formal complaint about the refereeing in their defeat at Reggina on Saturday night. They were indeed extremely hard done by on this occasion, but the fact that this is the latest in a succession of terrible refereeing blunders, that fans, players and directors of clubs across the country have been complaining about refereeing standards and that Collina (director of refereeing) is currently the subject of massive national criticism doesn't make people any happier about it being Juventus who are complaining. As Totti pointed out in the paper this morning, it was at Oreste Granillo that a few years ago Juve locked the ref in his dressing room to express their displeasure.
Right, Juventus, stop this complaining. I think it's silly. What, after Calciopoli you have the gall to complain about biased refereering? Come on, get out. Out. Get off, go on, all of you. Go on, move, move. Go on, get out. Come on, get out, move, move.
And the sillitude doesn't stop there. This weekend was internationally silly. Oh yes. Silliest of all the silliosity was taking place in Madrid:

While this is bad news for the Colonel it's excellent news for Roma. Real are not in good form of late. There was less pleasing news too, mind.
Tottenham? winning a trophy? no no no that's just far to silly to believe. I'm not standing for this. Cut. CUT. I demand that you stop this IMMEDIATELY.


Martinus Scriblerus said...

In English we use the noun form 'silliness'.

I always had the impression that Roma were Tottenham to Lazio's Chelsea. Is this not the case?

Spangly Princess said...

the noun form "silliness" was insuffuciently silly for my purposes.

And please explain yourelf. Also yourself, if your elf is not available for explanation.

I refuse to accept any postulated equivalence between Roma and Tottenham. Good God man, don't you know what you're saying??

Richard said...

There is a silly connection to the weekend's sillity. Arjen Robben, who used to play for Chelsea, thought he'd scored for Real Madrid only for Getafe to score a silly goal instead. Claudio Ranieri, who used to manage Chelsea, sillily complanied about anti-Juve refereeing. Chelsea, who are Chelsea, fielded a silly team in the Mini Cup final, and therefore lost.

I think it's all karma because Chelsea boy taunted us about winning first legs 2-1 last week. Or is that just silly?

Spangly Princess said...

hmm it's an interesting if distressingly sensible theory Richard.

I'd suggest it to CB if I wasn't trying to respect his pain in a loving and supportive way (it's one thing to lose a final with a gutless performance to a hated local rival, it's quite another for that local rival to be Spurs for chist's sake)

Neil said...

I think this quote which I came across not long after reading your post sums up all this silliness:

"It may be that all games are silly. But then, so are humans."

- Robert Lynd (1879-1949), Irish Nationalist, journalist, writer