Sunday, 10 February 2008

Roma 2 - 0 Reggina

Another Saturday night game, another freezing evening, another sartorial dilemma. What's a girl to wear which is both suitable for the match and for going out on the town straight after? Heels are out - it's not so much the standing per se as the standing on the uneven plastic "seats" which is the problem. Secondly, the curva is absolutely filthy - correct form is to spread one of the many free newspapers out on your spot in order to sit down at half time. So no pale colours or glamorous fabrics then. Then on a February night with the temperature around freezing, warmth is a vital consideration. I know that perhaps the good ladies of Newcastle would dismiss my concerns but I lack their Viking hardiness. In fact, when I shivered a bit, my friend laughed and said I was getting overly romanizzata, and not a true Englishwoman after all. And even a casual look with nice accessories is tricky - dangly earrings can so easily get torn out when jumping about in celebration. Also, you know, (whisper it) yellow is really not flattering to my complexion, and red clashes with my hair. Life is hard.

Oh, the match... yeah... The 2-0 scoreline suggests the fairly tranquil evening you'd maybe expect from the 2nd placed club at home to the 2nd from bottom club. But Roma have a magical ability to make things tricky for themselves, and once Makinwa (ex-Laziale) had come on Reggina created plenty of chances, hitting the bar and having a goal ruled out for offside (correctly, as it happened). 2-1 would have been fairer, but there were some signs of the better style Roma normally play and in particular the second goal, as created by the ridiculously miniature Giuly, was great. (Heels would have been particularly dangerous then, since excessive jumping around leads to broken ankles, see).

And anyway, the ability to win ugly is important. No? Meanwhile there was a big new flag in the curva and a bit more colour & liveliness at least at the start, with a couple of yellow flares, some giallorosso smoke bombs and a petardo or two. Things faded away a bit later, as we all began to freeze slowly into semi-stasis, and it didn't help that the crowd was on the low side - some 30000 at most.

During the game there were also commemorations for Alessandro Bini, the 14 year old who died last week while playing football for his local side. It seems he ran full tilt into some kind of dangerously situated metal piping by the pitch, at a ground some 20 minutes' walk from my house. Both the Fedayn and the Ultras Romani put up long farewell messages on striscioni at various points; the Brigata Roberto Rulli banner was replaced by another farewell and the simple message "Ciao Ale" was put up on the central front barrier just before half-time - Totti then ran over and laid some flowers during the break.
A win for Juve keep them 4 points behind us [edited for having written this while trying to work at the seam time and thus not fully concentrating!] while since Fiorentina could only draw at Atalanta Milan's three points over Siena means that they are now closing in on the top four spots. Inter are away at Catania tonight, it's currently 0-0 but I'm not holding my breath.

Our next home game is on the 19th, in the Champions' League, to Real Madrid: who are currently dishing out a 7:0 tonking to the unfortunate Valladolid. Hmm. I'm not brimming with confidence about the fixture, I must say. And it's another night game too. Could someone invent some kind of foxy, glamorous thermal vest?


Juventino said...

I do believe the gap between us is four points, SP. Hopefully to be reduced further next week...though of greater concern is who is chasing us, to be honest.

ginkers said...

Reggina were too negative at the start to deserve much more than they got but they certainly made a good fist of the second half.

As regards the attire issue, I may have found the solution.

Apparently it is in "the colour of the moment" YELLOW!

Paul de Man said...

Whatever Pope is laying down, it isn't creme fraiche.

Paul de Man said...

Some limerick gems for you. I'll give you my favourite three. The First is a Stalin joke, the second is self-reference reference, and the third is a first world war joke. Bonza.

There was a Soviet captain named XXXXXXXXXX
Who was a XXXXXXX technician in XXXXXXXXX.
For failure to clear
Limericks with his superiors.

There was an old man
From Peru, whose lim'ricks all
Look'd like haiku. He

Said with a laugh "I
Cut them in half, the pay is
Much better for two."

There once was a man from Verdun