Thursday, 28 February 2008

Inter 1 - 1 Roma

I hate the culture of blaming the ref for a team's own deficiencies. A mentality which is especially prevalent here, where refereeing errors are scrutinised more closely, debated more fiercely and discussed for far longer than in Britain. Blaming the ref for your lost points is graceless, unsporting and usually inaccurate, not to mention innately futile.

Yes, yes that's exactly what I'm going to do right now.

Mexes should never in a month of Sundays have been sent off. And if Mexes hadn't have been sent off then I think it extremely unlikely that Inter would have clawed back their point, jammy scabby unlovable bastards that they are. The first yellow card was debatable (he cut across the corner of the pitch while the ball was out of play en route to the sidelines before re-entering play after treatment for injury) but the second was absolutely non-existent. And as soon as he was off (livid and having been forcibly restrained by his team-mates) Inter looked like a new team, promptly profiting from their restored numerical parity and morale boost to return at long last to the attack. Doni's save off Crespo was great but there wasn't much he could do about Zanetti's goal from the ensuing corner. Is it necessary to point out that Mexes is our best aerial defender and most reliable at dealing with corners?

All of which overshadows Totti's great goal in the first half, his 201st in giallorosso, which was truly a thing of beauty (and much jumping up and down). Good effort by Vucinic, ball through to Tonetto, perfect cross in and Totti arriving with immaculate timing. He was obviously quite pleased with the chance to silence the Nord, which had been giving him a light smattering of abuse up to that point…

(with added Zampo hilarity)

Of course, the truth of the matter is that Roma had every chance to wrap up the three points during a spell of total dominance once Inter were down to 10 men (Maxwell off with a horrible ankle distortion after they'd already used all 3 subs) in which despite creating 101 chances we failed to score. And nobody else is to be blamed for that, least of all the Ref. See, pointless.

So the distance stays at -9, the prospects of closing the gap are basically gone, and that is more or less Game Over.

I'd have taken 1-1 before the game, you know. But by the time we got to the end I was absolutely livid, because we should have won, quite clearly. One of those draws that feels like a defeat. GRRR.


Anonymous said...

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ursus arctos said...

Not surprisingly, I think you are over-egging things just a bit in your outrage about Mexes, but your basic conclusion is inassailable.

Roma should have won this easily, but failed both technically (at least four good chances in the second half producing only one shot requiring a save from Julio Cesar, and that one may well have been going wide), and more importantly, mentally: Taddei's dying swan act, Vucinic's Long March to the Sideline (that one must have evoked military parallels for you), as well as Mexes' own general narkiness (which I am certain led to both cards; the first was at least half for playing dead and fooling around with the stretcher bearers (on/off/in-between?), the second was for the kind of foul he frequently commits (but didn't in this particular case), even putting himself in such a position at that point was ill-advised).

Of course, Inter weren't angels either; as I said last night it was a very ill-tempered match, and I was a bit surprised to see such sweetness and light at the "terzo tempo"; they have to be completely insincere.

BTW, Totti scored (directly in front of the Curva Nord) no more than a minute after the first "Totti, Sei un Figlio di Puttana" chant of the evening. Absolutely perfect timing, and I think he relished the "I can't hear you anymore" celebration even more than putting the Giallorossi ahead. Those words never passed the ultras' lips for the rest of the evening.

Antonio Gurrado said...

SP, I watched the match and, though Roma didn't win, I think Inter are finished now. Really, they're going to have a 1967-like record (check on football histories...).


Richard said...

A cursory examination of Serie A results from 1966-7 tells me that Inter won none of their last six games and blew the title to Juve on the last day.

I'd love to see it happen again - with Roma in the Juve role, of course. I'd put nothing past Inter. You can't tell me they're a great team, or even worthy champions. They haven't had to get past Milan or Juve to win their couple of recent scudetti, and Roma are their only real challengers this year.

Mancini is incredibly lucky to managing Inter right now. I'm not sure his team are as good as the Inter sides of Cuper and Lippi. It's just that the league is less competitive.

jimhancot said...

Yeah yeah, blame the ref :)

get in touch! I've an email waiting for you but your old queen's address clearly isn't working. I'm still alive despite lack of blogger activity...

Inter are just a wee tick too good, and you make your own luck ;)

Spangly Princess said...

Jim! I haven't been at Queen's since September, so no it wouldn't work. Mail me on the address here, I can't find your address anywhere now

was wondering where you'd got to

Aussie Romanista said...

Miss Princess I think you have become a bit too Romana. You see, the Romans, and more specifically Romanisti, have a certain mentality, in my experience, of the world being against them, everything is a conspiracy. You could say that about most of Italy but with Romani I find it just a bit different. Maybe I can't quite put my finger on it.

Basically, we lost the match (I'll say lost because there isn't much difference) because Mexes cut the corner. And that is so symbolic of my beloved Roma ever since I began supporting them about 22 years ago at about 7 years of age when I first learned anything about calcio.

Mexes needlessly played dead like the pansie that he is, for no advantage or gain, went off only to try to come straight back on but cut the corner and was rightly booked for his stupidity. Then he ran up the backside of Crespo, whether he touched him or not is irrelevant, the intent was worthy of a booking. No complaints here for his red. Then the equaliser was always coming. We should have won 3-0 and wrapped it up with 20 minutes to spare, but as usual we don't have a killer instinct, and like to tease and prod and never get the job done.

Having said that, Spalletti out-managed Mancini because Mancini's two subs to bring on Balotelli and Pele were ridiculous. Two players too "green" to introduce at such a vital moment, they added nothing and made Roma's job easier, especially when Maxwell had to go off injured and gave us a numerical advantage. Spalletti managed well, the players collapsed.

Now it's everyone's fault but ours?? Give me a break.
La Roma e` sempre la Roma....