Wednesday, 13 February 2008

how to make friends and influence people

A mate of mine has given me a Controcampo top, which is pretty cool. He knows one of the producers on the show - she, amusingly, has no interest in football at all, but has just been transferred there from another part of Mediaset, and is responsible for managing live broadcasts from San Siro.

First time out, they ask her to secure an interview with Ibrahimovic after the game. None of her staff are free, so she sets off herself to find him. The only problem is, she has no idea who he is. She spots a chap in a suit hurrying along the corridor, some kind of Inter flunky, and stops him.

Excuse me, do you think you could possibly ask Ibrahimovic to come and do an interview?

He stares at her unsmiling for a long moment. Are you taking the piss? he asks finally.

She has a moment's panic that she's pronounced the name wrong. No, she says, they want him for Controcampo.... do you know where he is?

Another pause. I am Ibrahimovic, he says, deeply unamused.

haha oops. Oh, says she all flustered, sorry... He follows her over to the interview suite, and she explains, we're just going to a publicity break, then you'll be on live. He raises an eyebrow. I have to wait til after the adverts? Oh no, he says, removing the earpiece, I'm not waiting. And he stalks away down the corridor.


Aussie Romanista said...

That's evidence of the kind of c*nt he is.

Juventino said...

He's always been a c***. He was a c*** at Juve. I never liked him. Unbelievable gifted. Unbelievably c***ish.

Adam said...


Great stuff. I, for one, think he is funny and seem to be a nice guy . There is a classic clip on you tube, in Swedish, with Zlatan making fun of the "famous" Swedish tv reporter just second before they go on air (see link).
First he pretends not to notice the reporter calling his name then he keeps on telling the reporter that he smells to get the reporter off balance before the transmission.

Oscar said...

There's another classic tale from Sweden, where the reporter conducted a halftime intervew with him, in a game his team wasn't winnig, and asked 'what will you do to turn this around?'. The response from Ibra, now fed up with answering stupid plattitudes; 'we're going to bring you on, place you in central midfield and let you organize the play for us', followed by a strained smile and a pat on the back of the reporter, before he heads to the locker-room. Reporter left with the longest face since the Dalton brothers (of Lucky Luke fame), staring into the camera.

patcook said...

Its a funny story. I dont think you can blame Ibra for not waiting around though. it must be incredibly frustrating having to deal with the media even when they know who you are.