Thursday, 7 February 2008


Today I had lots of interesting things to say, especially about racism in sport in the light of the Lewis Hamilton case and a rather unpleasant yet curious Comunicato from Inter's Curva Nord (from last november, but which has only just come to my attention) further to the much discussed Zoro incident.

But I'm tired, make that exhausted, and fed up of not being able to pay the rent, or go out, or do anything other than eat vegetable soup and work fruitlessly and apparently unprofitably, and pissed off with being in another country from the man I love, and quietly angry with certain people who are supposed to be important in my life, and kind of itchy because I have some sort of icky winter eczema thing, and I feel pointless and woolly headed and purposeless and riddled with self-doubt and worn out and above all desperately desperately bored of being so horribly in debt. So you wont be getting any interesting analysis of ultras and racism today. Not from me at least.


TrentToffee said...'s a well proven 'old wives tale' that debt causes itchiness, and that vegetable soup is the only cure.

Chin up girl, chin up. You are now an heducator.

Shep said...

You get 24 hours for the self-pity, girl. Then back to it please. Here's a kiss x