Wednesday, 20 February 2008


woot and superwoot

[steadfastly ignores Chelsea Boy's entirely accurate but unwelcome comments about last time we won the home leg 2-1....]

but I am too tired & busy to write about it just now, plus I have a nasty cold and no internet connection at home, which is where I am desperate to be right now. Tomorrow, I promise.


Oscar said...

I like to think of it more along the lines of the Lyon game. The Rome game ended in a result that can be described as favourable to the away side (yes, even last night's heroics from the Romans isn't a bad result for Real), and we go into the return leg with virtually no one giving us the time of day. Everyone expects Real to trash us, as they did with Lyon one year ago. Everyone.

The difference between this moment and the Manchester debacle I think is attitude; the all-important 90 minutes in Madrid remains, but from the interviews I saw last night, it seemed the lesson was learned from those quarterfinals. Then we had hubris, and were busy talking about how 3-1, 4-1 would have been the only fair result at home, and I think fans and team alike expected us to have an extremely good chance of passing the round.

Not so now...or so I like to tell myself, I say as I have had nightmares in broad daylight about Real's three Dutchmen...

Aussie Romanista said...

This from Guti:

“The result seemed a little unfair to me, but that’s how it goes against Italians,” the 31-year-old stated on the club’s official website.

“I’m happy with how we played, but certainly not with the final score, which could have been better. But they took their chances and this is the outcome.

“We started quite well and scoring the goal allowed us to settle, but they managed to hit back even though we controlled the game.”

When are they going to realise that this is how we play. Look at Milan-Arsenal. Excellent game. But you can have the ball. Enjoy. We'll soak it up and then we'll hit you, so you better do something with it when you've got it. Maybe Roma don't do it as well as Milan in the CL, but it's the same principle. There's no point trying to play the other team off the park (like Roma started at Old Trafford in last season quarters, that was naive) when the other team runs all day and moves the ball around fast. Get too far forward and they'll kill you on the counter, get around the back of your defense and it's good night. The way to play Liverpool, Arsenal and even Real is to soak up their pressure and your chance will come, because no team can maintain pressure for 90 minutes.

How Guti thinks the result is unfair is beyond me. We scored 2 and they scored 1. Simple.
It's 50-50 for the return leg.

punk said...

great roma!


Oscar said...

indeed, it is quite baffling to see Roma's win dismissing because the second goal "was on a break-away". Yeah, well when that's the entire game plan of the team, it's silly to dismiss it as if we were gifted the goal by divine intervention and our own skill had nothing to do with it.

You can see it in Guti's comments btw, the rabid anti-italianism the Spanish football world holds...but, I'm pleasantly surprised that's more or less the only such incident I've read this year. AS even called Totti football's Picasso; contrast that to a few years ago when the same paper labeled Italian teams as crude, unsophisticated dinosaurs and cried out crimes against football should an Italian team knock out a Spanish in a cup.

ginkers said...

I think there will be plenty of goals in the return leg, I just hope Roma get enough of them to get through.

With the financial supremacy of the Premier League in little doubt, Italian teams have to make use of their greatest quality - tactical awareness.

I think the Giallorossi and Milan showed plenty of that this week in Europe. I know it is fun to criticise Inter but their game was compromised by that daft sending off.

Hopefully at least two of our three can get the job done and make it to the quarter finals. Otherwise, who can stand in England's way?

Aussie Romanista said...

Oscar, I agree fully.
Something that comes to mind when the Italian style is rubbished by media, and in this case foreign players, is that Greece won Euro 2004 by playing defensively and snatching wins. Sure they were criticised for some elements of their game plan but the overall conclusion was that they displayed great cohesion and teamwork to carve out results and deserved their title. Similar with our 06 World Cup campaign. Didn't play teams off the park but didn't give away chances and took ours enough times as needed, with plenty of class mixed in. This gets results, obviously. And Italy's record in Europe from the 90s onward (albeit with some years of hiccups) speaks for itself. So for other countries' media or players to criticise is beyound comprehension. They should be learning from us because football is played with the head before the feet.
I like to watch teams like Liverpool and Arsenal in full attacking flight, they can open up a game the way they spread the ball around with one and two-touch passing, but I'd rather my team play smart before they play beautiful. Roma are capable of the beautiful but the smart has always been a problem. I want to see that part improve, and the perfect model is Milan.

Why does Spalletti not start Aquilani? Aquilani replaces Pizarro all the time after Pizarro has spent more than half the game giving the ball away, so when will the penny drop?

Richard said...

Guti says that Real Madrid started well, but Roma should have scored from the kick-off. I wasn't hugely impressed with RM. They kept the ball well, but Doni hardly had a busy game. They reminded me of the Galactico-era RM side. High marks for artistic impression, but a bit lightweight.

They've lost 5 games already in 2008, so Roma should travel in hope.

Juventino said...

AR, do you mean Manchester United when you say Liverpool??? Manchester are decent to watch. Liverpool play uglier football than anyone. Worse than Capello's Juve! They're brutal and painful to watch!!! See Valdano's "shit from a stick" comments from a while ago...