Sunday, 20 January 2008

Roma 2 - 0 Catania

Well, only 5 goals fewer than this fixture last year, but no smack in the gob this time round either so I'll settle for that. I have to say that I had been pining terribly for this game after almost an entire month without (I couldn't make the Coppa Italia match on Wednesday alas, and Chelsea doesn't really count) and it was great to be back. Good crowd, lots of singing, and a decent performance despite a number of missing first team players.

Totti, who scored his 200th goal for Roma [in all competitions] against Torino on Wednesday, was absent with flu. [Just to be clear, not his 200th goal against Torino. That would be excessive even for Er Capitano]. Panucci & Tonetto were suspended, Juan is out for at least a month, Perrotta is... I don't know where, actually. And I can't be arsed to go & find out right now, I'm tired. My report goes like this: we played well, Giuly looked good (again), scoring after 8 minutes, Taddei was excellent (again) setting up the goal and winning the penalty in the second half, good captain's performance from De Rossi, a couple of truly excellent saves from Doni, a frustrating showing from Vucinic who is talented but, I fear, fundamentally lightweight. Catania had a few good chances, and were considerably better than last year, but no great shakes overall.

In crowd-related news, the groups have returned (if you remember they were all on strike before Christmas. Not all of them had brought their banners to put up, but they were all present, with a decent proportion of the regular big flags on show, and the Curva was good and lively. *happy*

The reason I have been so shamefully neglecting you all is of course that I have been preparing for term, which begins tomorrow morning, and has entailed me working like an absolute bastard. I am hoping it will go ok. If not I shall be disgruntled.

Oooh, as I type, Parma (a team I have always liked!) have just gone taken the lead at the fog-bound San Siro against Inter!! If they hang on for the win then their lead will only be 4 points, not 7, which looks somehow a lot more manageable. In that case I would be extremely happy. And less worried about the morning - one of those complex (and meaningless) pay-offs which we negotiate with ourselves, or the universe: if my team win I won't mind if work goes badly; if the object of my affections returns my interest I don't mind if we lose the election; if I get the job I don't mind if we're knocked out of the cup... those kind of things. Daje Parma, hang on in there...

[subsequent edit: ok, this, this is what comes of allowing yourself to hope. Grrr. How very very convenient that the home side should win a penalty two minutes from time. Who'd have thought it, hey? after which the second Ibra goal was almost inevitable... 3-2. bastards. unmitigated fuckfaces. Of course, it may turn out once I get to see it that the penalty was only given after a Parma defender had first sawn off his opponent's foot with a rusty hacksaw. But it might just be that Inter are the new Juve where referees are concerned.]


ursus arctos said...

Now, now; the penalty wasn't THAT dodgy.

Absoultely dreadful performance from Inter and they walk away with three points. How times have changed.

The papers were also trying to make a big deal out of some aggro outside the Olimpico yesterday, in which three Catania supporters were stabbed in the butt. Normal service resumed in all respects, I guess.

Best of luck with term; I'm sure that you will dazzle them.

Richard said...

Thanks for the report, and good luck with the new job.

Here's hoping Roma get Juan and the others back in time for Big Cup.

punk said...

meno male
solo 2-0!

philcafc said...

Moratti wins again!


Juventino said...

Of course it wasn't dodgy. Calciopoli made calcio clean!


Chelsea boy said...

A decent article from Paolo Bandini on this is on the Guardian website today.

It also has a link to the goals, if anyone wants to see the penalty incident in question.

ginkers said...

What about the trouble which saw the Roma fans banned from the Coppa Italia? Did you see anything? Very annoyed to hear about it...