Thursday, 3 January 2008


It is, apparently. I daresay I'll be able to remember it by the time we get to June.

Italian football is on its winter break and Serie A doesn't restart til the 13th January. Instead I went to Chelsea-Newcastle last weekend, which was an inadequate substitute (it was surprisingly poor, Chelsea winning scabbily from a blatantly offside goal after a lot of scrappiness and awful passing). Still, CB was mostly happy, and that's the main thing.

In the meantime I have spent the last 10 days being ill, boringly. I shan't share the details with you. Today I feel alrightish but it could be another false dawn.

Hope you all had a good NYE and are full of optimism and enthusiasm for the New Year.


ginkers said...

You are right about the English product being a poor replacement for Serie A. I found myself watching Wigan or something the other night and had to give myself a slap.

Hope you feel better as 2008 progresses.

Juventino said...

Surprisingly poor? Surely you jest!

Hope you feel better quickly, SP.

martinobhoy said...

Buon Anno Spangly.

Sitting through a Newcastle game would have made me ill as well....

Antonio Gurrado said...

I slept.

Hope you're reasonably better. Buon anno!


ursus arctos said...


There is a nasty bug going around New York as well, which laid low a number of our friends. Hopefully it is not a harbinger of an unpleasant year to come.

And if you think English football live is a poor substitute for Serie A, try it on two-day tape delay with Americanized commentary.

Buon anno a tutti.

TrentToffee said...

...there's a lot of it about. The office is decimated with snotty noses and stomache bugs, etc. I hope you're feeling better.

I was thinking of someting to wish back for you for the new year. How about this ? I hope you get a nice steady little income from your writing (i.e WSC, Calcio, sign you up on a regular basis).

Paul de Man said...