Sunday, 16 December 2007


It has finally got properly cold here. Yesterday was bloody freezing in fact. I went unsuccessful Christmas shopping with a friend. *turns to trusty internet shopping which does not entail leaving the house*

In fact I have mostly spent today looking distinctly unglamorous in woolly socks and a Roma hoody lounging on my bed eating mortadella sandwiches and watching one of my favourite ever episodes of Buffy (7x17, Lies My Parents Told Me - best exchange: "You killed my mother!" "[shrug] I've killed a lot of people's mothers...") and following Roma drawing 0-0 at Torino in a disheartening fashion. And writing up a blog post on calciopoli which I will stick up in a moment.

Since I have no intention of leaving the house today, tonight I think take-away pizza is indicated. something unhealthy with gorgonzola & walnuts, perhaps. and a small beer. and by then my computer might have finished downloading episode 7x18. Oooooh Caleb.... have you ever noticed that everyone in the Buffyverse with a Southern accent is always pure Evil? Coincidence? I think not.


Juventino said...

Who do you (Roma ultras) want to win when Lazio and Juve play???

Spangly Princess said...

tricky... an X is always welcome, otheriwse concetrate on the relative standings in the classifica, I think.