Friday, 21 December 2007

Torino 0 - 0 Roma; Torino 3 - 1 Roma

no that's not a mistake in the header, we really did play them twice on the trot, at their place both times. In the league, last Sunday, we were a bit scrappy and frustrating; in the Coppa Italia, on Wednesday, we were disjointed, tired, and frankly a bit shit. I would say, let's not play them again for a while please, but there is the return leg of the Cup still to come, a fact which I managed to forget at first, such is my own exhaustion and confusion at the moment. Oops.

So now there is just Samp to go before the Christmas break. After the derby we were supposed to have a nice "easy" run of games, but instead have dropped points at Empoli and Livorno, (we can't seem to win in Tuscany this year...) as well as Torino. Hmm.

Samp's visit on Saturday night will not be enlivened by the presence (on the pitch at least) of one Cassano, A., who has managed to get himself suspended for the game. About 10 days ago he publicly declared his love of Roma, his regret at having left, his desire to erase the past, and his hope of returning to the club - and for his troubles got an instant and determined kick in the balls from Rosella Sensi (metaphorically, though she seems like the kind of lady who'd not be averse to a more practical rebuff should the situation demand). I mean, really... what was he expecting, a red carpet? and does he genuinely not know what the fans think of him?!

Then last weekend he picked up a yellow card in the match against Fiorentina - in which, incidentally, he had been playing brilliantly and scored a great goal - and immediately realised that he would be suspended for Saturday, and that the long-awaited return to the Olimpico would have to be put off for another season. We were then treated to the bizarre and unedifying sight of him breaking down into tears. Play was briefly halted as he lay face down on the pitch, sobbing, wailing and beating the ground with his fists. Comment seems redundant here, nothing I can say can make this story funnier than it already is.

If you watch this video, the moment is further enhanced by the commentary. The display of hysterics is first described as a "scenata napoletana" (Neapolitan scene) referring to that city's theatrical and puppeetering tradition; but the co-commentator points out that a Neapolitan scene would be "rooted in a relatively profound culture, and so that's clearly not what is going on here, this is actually just a crisis."


Aussie Romanista said...

Thank God he's gone.
And he should have gotten a red.

Antonio Gurrado said...

It's the very same reaction I had when I first discovered the amount of volumes in Voltaire's Complete Work (Oxford Edition, go and check the V Room in the Taylor if you don't believe me).


Anonymous said...

It looks you guys are falling behind Inter. If you guys don't win some games soon, Inter is going to win the title in a runaway again.