Sunday, 2 December 2007

Roma 2 - 1 Udinese

a decent solid win over a team who are perhaps unexpectedly fourth in the league. I have lots to say about ultras stuff but that will be a separate post not least cos I am inexplicably exhausted.

We started really well and the first 35 minutes or so were excellent from both teams - classy passing, exciting & fluid. Things settled down a bit later on and the second half was rather quiet. We could have had an extra couple, so could they in all fairness. A fair result.

Inter won at Fiorentina so we remain 3 points behind. Having their main curva closed obviously agrees with Atalanta, who thumped Napoli 5-1. Napoli are really redefining inconsistency this season. The table looks like this:

Inter 31*
Roma 28*
Juve 26
Udinese 25
Fiorentina 24
Atalanta 21*
Sampdoria 20
Milan 18*
Napoli 18
Catania 18
Palermo 18
Torino 15
Parma 15
Genoa 15
Lazio 14*
Livorno 13
Siena 10
Cagliari 10
Reggina 10
Empoli 10

(* = una partita di meno)
more later.

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