Wednesday, 5 December 2007

Roma 2 - 0 Cagliari

Same as last time we played them, as I am helpfully reminded by the text box which pops up as I type in the title of this post. To be more accurate, it's Rodrigo Taddei 2 - 0 Cagliari. The Brasilian followed up his goal on Sunday with a lovely doppietta this evening (incidentally, why is there no proper word for scoring two goals in English - other than brace, which is kind of informal and matey?). Totti started and played about an hour, didn't enter into the game fully in his usual style but still played well and showed some of his characteristic vision and creativity. He set up Vucinic incredibly beautifully with a total sitter which Vucinic duly fluffed implausibly, in the first of his two "clamourous misses" of the evening. Still. All's well as ends 2-0.

No groups present tonight, but most of the "independent" ultras who had heeded Sunday's appeal to stay away were back: the curva was pretty full and there was a decent amount of singing, though still no colours to speak of.

Inter beat Lazio 3-0 so they stay top, and we are 2nd still 3 points behind them. A gap is just beginning to open up though:
Inter 34
Roma 31
Juve 26
Udinese 25
Fiorentina 24
Atalanta 21 (with a game in hand)
Sampdoria 20


philcafc said...

Bit of a random question, but do Roma fans have a gemelaggio with anyone? All I know is that there used to be one with Napoli. Ta :)

Tina said...

Hi there,
I just cannot believe I'm here. I was never a football fan. But an ex-boyfriend used to watch Italian football in the early 2000's. I just became transfixed with the total beauty Of Francesco Totti and Gabriel Batistuta and used to hope beyond hope an AS Roma game was shown on a Sunday afternoon. I've followed the team ever since gradually getting more and more into them. I've since learnt that I was probably the only tifosi who wept when Antonio Cassano went. (I have a strange taste in men)But right now I'd just die for Alberto Aquilani, DDR and Il Capitano. My obsession has progressed so as I'm trying to learn Italian.
I found this blog when looking up Fedayn on the net as I didn't know what the flag meant on the Curva Sud.
Anyways that's me a middle aged English lady who'll be Roma till she dies

Spangly Princess said...

Phil: the gemellaggio with Napoli died some years ago and there is nothing of the kind in action any more. There are certain rivalries that are more strongly felt than others (Atalanta, Inter over the last 3 seasons or so, Juve obviously, Milan because of De Falchi) and others that are less vigorous. But no twinning.

Ciao e Benvenuta, Tina. I hope I managed to answer your query! AS Roma has its own way of making you fall in love as I have learned! ;-) Do you ever come over here for matches? Please stick around! Romanista readers are always welcome!

de vertalerin said...

Ah Tina, I'm a late convert to football too. I'd barely watched a match until I was in my late forties, but then developed an obsession with Arsenal (this was actually the Princess's fault entirely).

As PdM hasn't been in today, can I just say Leibnitz on his behalf? Thank you, that feels better.

Tina said...

Thank you for the fabulous welcome.
Spangly Princess:- No. I've never been to a match...but I have been to the Stadio Olimipico....and I spent a fortune in one of the AS Roma stores...
De Vertalerin.... Arsenal are probably the most exciting premiership team at the moment....I do watch English football but I have no emotional involvement in any of the teams

Tina said...

correction...the AS Roma store was on a main Road....then down some steps whilst I was walking from the central area towards the Vatican

Aussie Romanista said...

I think the Roma Store in Piazza Colonna, next to Palazzo Chigi, is the main/biggest one. Correct, Princess?
I've handed over the credit card there a few times. I was there so long that one customer approached me because she thought I worked there!. It's not very good in any case, especially when you compare it to Barcelona's megastore at the Nou Camp or Paris St Germain's store on the Champs Ellyse. And is pretty woeful too, you have to click on everything to then see what it is, and it's rarely up to date and doesn't offer all merchandise such as team track-suits which are available at some British store sites.

ursus arctos said...

The demise of the Napoli gemalaggio (at least as reported up here) is actually an interesting story.

It all fell apart when Salvatore Bagni scored a late winner for Napoli against Roma and took the opportunity to "salute" the Sud with an up yours/va fa gesture that understandably enraged the ultras.

Bagni (who is now a pundit for Sky Italia) has repeatedly tried to apologise for his intemperate reaction (most recently in the lead up to that crazy 4-4 match at the Olimpico) in the hope of reconciling the two sets of fans, but has so far been unsuccessful in doing so.