Wednesday, 5 December 2007

A Princess On Tour

So I would like just very briefly to point you firstly in the direction of a rather enjoyable site rejoicing in the name of The Onion Bag, which offers a splendid mix of comment and information in a humourous and irreverent fashion, and to whose blog roll your spangly correspondent has recently been added. Please do go and read their site, it is funny.

Even more excitingly, at the kind and flattering invitation of Tom Dunmore, I will now be writing for Pitch Invasion once a week or so, with what my inner marketeer urges me to call EXCLUSIVE CONTENT. Or something. Er. I will be writing things over there which I will not be writing here. But they will be kind of related. Obviously. So. Y'know. Go and read nice Mr. Dunmore's site too, please. It is full of lots of good things. And also me.

This evening I went to an opening night of an exhibition in the Palazzo Venezia. The artist, at whose house I once dined, is a friend of a friend, and greeted me with a flattering degree of enthusiasm (he remembered my name). The party had cocktails and nibbles and Fausto Bertinotti, rather excitingly. And, I think, another politician I recognised but couldn't identify obn the spur of the moment. I managed to throw canapés on the floor and generally fare figura di merda as usual. I have terrible hiccups now.


Paul de Man said...
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Paul de Man said...

Congratulations, this is great. I like that the Spangly Princess is expanding to fill the available internet. Lebensraum, a mutual relative might call it. And great post over at PI, too. Obviously I couldn't comment to say so ,it being a football site, but, you know.

Could you not have passed off your canape/floor interface as a probing investigation into the tension between the obdurate and the ephemeral?

By devaluing the canape through its literal descent you point up by contrast the aesthetic hegemony - the aesthetics of impermanence and of perishability.

As you *throw* the canape at the floor, do you not also say that the very performance of the throw, the (f)act of it, is what is consitutive of art?

And so do you not ultimately offer the assembled party-goers a wry commentary on the Opening Night of the Exhibition as Exhibition sufficient even unto itself?

Thought so.

Spangly Princess said...

interesting. I thought I was just making a tit of myself in front of important politicians, but obviously not.

rather I was challenging the false hegemonic power of the state - which serves to constrict freedom of expression even in the very sphere of the arts where it should most be exalted - by rejecting its anti canapé/floor interface embargo with a declaration of artistic and aestheticliberty.

Paul de Man said...

I'm afraid it doesn't match the tit I made of myself on Monday night by accidentally and in jest asking the IRA's ex-#2 and protected supergrass whether he'd "owned a lot of weapons in his time."

It could explain the context, but I don't think it'd make me look any less stupid.

Spangly Princess said...

haha you loser

Antonio Gurrado said...

These are three great news!

de vertalerin said...

Would you like to expand on "the false hegemonic power of the state", please?

I shall now go and view your exclusive content. Lebensraum indeed.

BL said...

What Spangly is failing to note is that she did actually DELIBERATELY and WANTONLY throw said canapé on the floor. Disgraceful behaviour, can't take her anywhere, etc. etc.