Wednesday, 5 December 2007

Presences and Absences

Present tonight and very likely to start is one Totti, F., who has been out for over a month. Someone will have to be left out for him but it's hard to see that it ought to be Vucinic - 5 goals in the last 8 games - so it may end up being Mancini who is dropped, despite the current climate of speculation about his future at the club and his desire to have his ego coddled a bit. Perrotta & Aquilani are both still injured, so we are likely to see Giuly and Taddei along with Mirko playing down the left, in front of De Rossi & Pizarro. Cagliari have been struggling this season - as I am to resist the desire to add "but are a well-organised side" - we ought to beat them. Though it's never that simple with Roma.

Absences on the other hand will continue in the Sud, according to a very brief communicato: "On the occasion of Roma/Cagliari, the groups of the Sud will remain at home, continuing their protest."

This may have a bit less consensus even that Sunday's partially observed strike, since staying at home makes much less of a statement than the meeting the Circo Massimo did. As one ultra observed, going to the Circo Massimo is a strike, staying home is a holiday. (The rhetoric of football support as work is a curious one).

Meanwhile a truly incomprehensible piece has appeared in the Roma daily paper, Il Romanista, by a journalist who thought the peace and quiet of Sunday's game was delightful, and that without the colours, banners, flags or ceaseless singing of the organised groups the stadium was a much better place to be. Mino Fuccillo, who is a long-standing writer for La Repubblica, writes that "On Sunday... there were none of the ultras groups nor did we miss them" describing instead the "bel tifo" that took place. OK, either he has understood nothing at all about football or else I have.


martinobhoy said...

Yes wouldn't it be great if football grounds were full of fans speaking in hushed tones only to broken by generous applause when either team did something noteworthy.

We'd as well go watch feckin snooker.

ursus arctos said...

It should go without saying that Fuccillo is not a football journalist.

Chelsea Boy said...

We seem to be doing a reasonable impression of that once every fortnight.