Tuesday, 11 December 2007

piove sempre sul bagnato

That's the Italian version of "it never rains but it pours". I like that it is fundamentally the same expression. This week is going to be what despite the repeat efforts of friends and linguists to prevent me from so doing I am going to term extremely impegnative. That is to say, busy, demanding, stressful.

I have a big translation job of a less than thrilling kind (a VAT compliance inspection). it's due for Friday. It is doable in the time, but only just. More importantly, in many ways, I have a job interview on Thursday! woot. For an American university here in Rome, for initially I think a temporary lectureship, but after which, who knows. In contemporary European history. This would be ideal. Anyway, the interview involves giving a sample lecture for 20 minutes, so I am busy writing that. All of which leaves little time for the two major work projects which need to be done before Christmas.

Then on Wednesday is Roma-Man Utd. eek. the night before the job interview! no consolatory drinking then. Meanwhile on Wednesday an ex-lover is in town, and on Thursday an ex-colleague. They both want to meet up; only one of them will get the chance to buy me dinner, mind. And it's not the one who keeps coming out with awful lines like "I know you're in a relationship but maybe when we set eyes on one another again we just wont be able to resist the intensity of the moment..." (and yes, since you ask, the offending chap is of course Italian.... no English boy would come out with something that awful, surely?)

And then maybe on Friday or Saturday I will end up going to Nice, to help out in the latest in a long line of implausibly severe crises in la famille spanglée. It remains to be seen. Mentalism.

Anyway, all of this is to say: you might not get so many updates this week as last.
Mi dispiace.


codazzo said...

good luck with the interview ;)

Anonymous said...

Intensity...niiiiiiiice! Your blog is very handy for new pick up lines for me to use, SP! Thanks. I'm sure that aussie beachbabes will love that one.

In culo alla balena for your interview.

- Juventino

Paul de Man said...

In the arse of the whale? I like it.

ursus arctos said...

Which may help explain why she has to go to Nice [insert smiley thing].

Best of luck, bocca al lupo, etc., Spangles. We will be sending positive thoughts through the Milanese winter gloom.

Brian said...

"..maybe when we set eyes on one another again we just wont be able to resist the intensity of the moment..."

Please tell me he said this via text message. It's just a hundred times better if I can imagine it being tapped out on a tiny cell phone, the author squinting and waiting for the autocomplete to kick in.

Best of luck with everything this week. I have a feeling you're great in an interview, but translating a VAT compliance inspection seems challenging on so many levels that I'll keep my fingers crossed. Positive thoughts from the brown winter air of the American northeast, as well.

chelsea boy said...

"..maybe when we set eyes on one another again we just wont be able to resist the intensity of the moment..."

Looks like I'd better concede defeat. I can't compete with that.

Spangly Princess said...

And he's Romanista as well.... there's no poetry in the soul of Chelsea fans, obviously.

shame he's also a bit of a fuckwit, hey.

TrentToffee said...

A job interview ! Knock em dead ! Failing that, tell them somthing funny. You'll breeze it.

Antonio Gurrado said...

In bocca al lupo for both the interview and Manchester United.


punk said...

in bocca al lupo!


Any major dude with half a heart said...

Seeing that weather reports are in vogue on this comments thingy, GOOD LUCK with the job interview from the strangely non-sunny southern tip of Africa.

ginkers said...

All the best in the interview. Will you be offering something on Ultra culture as part of your course?