Monday, 24 December 2007

Happy Christmas

I would just like to thank all my lovely loyal readers for their kind support over this last year and to wish them all a very happy Christmas.

A few pressies to offer people:

To Paul de Man, a dinner party with Pope, Swift, some decent Burgundy and the chance to watch a few epsiodes of Angel with them afterwards, to see what they make of it.

To Ursus Arctos, with thanks for wise words and for serving as our correspondent in Milano, the UEFA Cup for Fiorentina.

For Ginkers, a case of assorted grappe with which to celebrate the Viola's European triumph, perhaps to be shared in the company of Martino.

To the chaps at Pitch Invasion and the Onion Bag, appreciative home-made Christmas cookies to see thank you for your hospitality (these are imaginary since while I am good at cakes I am shit at biscuits).

For Gurrado, un ottimo lavoro a Modena e un nuovo portiere al Milan.

For Aussie Romanista, some snow, cos it's all wrong to be sunshiny and hot at this time of year!

For TrentToffee, a top-four finish for Everton, and an invitation to next summer's party.

For Juventino, a copy of
Nostra signora del dischetto. Peccati d'area e miracoli arbitrali: storia dei rigori dati (e regalati) alla Juve ;-) and some chocolate cupcakes to show there's no hard feelings.

For Antonio G, a first edition of the Prison Notebooks and a trip to Rome to go shoe shopping together.

For Egan, some sunshine to shorten those winter nights (we have plenty to spare in Rome after all).

For Any major dude with half a heart, a compilation cd of really good Italian music (ha! now you know we're in the realms of fantasy)

For Brian, funding to travel the world writing acerbically, wittily and creatively about football in strange places.

And in the seasonal spirit, for NickLazio1900, enough points to save the biancocelesti from relegation. (I'd miss playing them).

And to all my other commentors and to all my readers in general, tanti auguri e buone feste.


Tom said...

And a merry xmas to you, too. Here's hoping the giallorossi bring you some presents in 2008.

Any major dude with half a heart said...

I don't think there'd be much demand for the Italian music I know. Adriano Celentano, Umberto Tozzi, Ricchie e Povere, I Santo California... Toto Cotugno, Gigliola Cinquetti, Rino Gaetano, Giorgia, Niccolò Fabi, Fabio Concato...

I have no idea how any of them are regarded in Italia, if at all. I don't even really know how I regard them.

Hope Christmas is turning out good for you.

Antonio Gurrado said...

Grazie! Lovely as usual. Happy Christmas pure a te.


Brian said...

Perfect—how did you know? Thanks so much, and (for all that it's only Christmas for two more minutes where you are) happy Christmas!

Duffman said...

Thank you for the Biccies Spangly. Merry Christmas.

ursus arctos said...

Troppo gentile come sempre, carissima.

And very best of the season to you, yours and all of your readers from that strange world across the water where not only do people look at you funny if you call today Boxing Day, and no one can tell you the scores.

Paul de Man said...

Thank you - and a wonderful christmas to you. I actually have a friend whose expletive of choice is 'shitbiscuits!' Do you think that Pope would like to think of himself as The Dark Avenger?

Aussie Romanista said...

Perth, Western Australia max temperatures:

Dec 24: 39.5C
Dec 25: 40.7C
Dec 26: 44.2C

3 day average temp: 40.3C

Thanks for the snow!
I love summer!

TrentToffee said...

Happy xmas to you too girl. a showdown with Fiorentina in the UEFA cup would be just as good.

Juventino said...

I love chocolate cupcakes...

* (asterisk) said...

Hope yours was a good one, SP.

egan said...

Thank you very much for your sunshine. I give you a metaphorical litre of homemade vodka and an axe, the vital ingredients of a traditional Finnish Christmas.

Hope you had a nice Christmas and a happy new year, anyway.

Spangly Princess said...

*wonders what to do with the axe*

thank you all!

ginkers said...

Grazie mille! Consider the virtual grappa drunk. Now on to the Viola winning in Europe!

egan said...

It all becomes clear after you drink the vodka, spangles. They don't have unhappy family christmases here, just happy ones and homicides.