Saturday, 1 December 2007

corruption scandal: "match-fixing not limited to Italy" shock!

Though the story is still emerging, it seems that UEFA are to investigate allegations of match-fixing in a string of European fixtures. The Guardian claims that 15 suspect games have been identified, while Marca points to 26. Der Spiegel, whose story it is originally, is rather more impenetrable to me linguistically, but apparently the games under investigation including the Champions' League, UEFA Cup and possibly European Championship internationals. La Gazzetta, expressing the secret relief of many Italians (it's not just us!!) is already calling it "una calciopoli europea".

The allegations have come to light thanks to investigations by Interpol, so they can hardly be ignored. They relate to gambling rings in the Far East, I think (la mafia está en Asia) and pertain to matches played in southern and eastern europe. So that's ok then, not "proper" western european teams. How long til some G14 bright spark uses this as backing for their European SuperLeague idea? (cynical? moi?)

I'm sure I'm not the only one who is not at all surprised about this. As with calciopoli, the surprise is not the match-fixing but the uncovering of the same. See also corruption in politics. Everyone's doing it, some people are just better at hiding it.


Paul de Man said...

Do you think if I make comments about the enlightenment on every post you make, no-one will comment any more?

I bet Handel never did match-fixing. Jefferson neither.

Spangly Princess said...

Nonsense, Handel was legendary for the kickbacks he took. 1000 gold florins or *menacing voice* I'll write my next Oratorio in G sharp minor oooh ok Herr Handel Sir here's your money.

And Rousseau, he was all, pay up or you'll go straight to bed without any social contract, young man.

As for Jefferson, it's a well-known fact that he used to bribe the opposition's goalie every week. No really.

Antonio G said...

I think the public reaction to match-fixing depends very much on who is fixing the match and how.

When individual players (or groups of a few players) or refs fix matches, then people are outraged but the matter is put down to individual human frailty.

When club owners and board members conspire to fix things on behalf of their team, it is seen as being much worse because the *system* is seen as rigged.

I`m not defending that point of view, mind - just noting that there does seem to be a bit of a difference in public perception. As a result, I kind of doubt that this event will help Italy shake the corruption tag.

Garibaldy said...

Insulting Rousseau like that would have earnt you a deserved guillotining c.1794. Progress? Maybe Rousseau was right after all.

ursus arctos said...

Spiegel says 26 matches, and the Germans have their own reasons for wanting to uncover corruption elsewhere given their incredibly dodgy refereeing scandal (Hoyzer, Cafe King, etc) and the Bundesliga's less than pristine record in this regard.

Jefferson cheated at whist on a regular basis. If the two of you had been educated in a civilized country, you would know that.

[insert smiley thing]

This supporting Milan thing is really difficult.