Thursday, 1 November 2007

Roma 3 - 2 Lazio!

WOOT! *dances about tipsily*

that was all kinds of grand.

ROMA-LAZIO 3-2 (2-1)

MARCATORI: Rocchi (L) all'12' pt, Vucinic (R) al 18' pt, Mancini (R) al 42' pt; Perrotta (R) all'11' st, Ledesma (L) al 25' st

Obviously we had to make things hard for ourselves, going 0-1 down, and then again by conceding with 20 minutes (an exceptional free-kick from Ledesma) to go to make for an anxious finale, but we more than deserved our win, I think the scoreline rather flatters the biancocelesti, and we did just fine without Totti. Vucinic scored our equaliser - beautiful effort after a one-two with Mancini - and really should have had another, the number of chances he had. But he was instrumental in Perrotta's goal, and generally gave the Lazio defence a hard time for much of the game. 3 goals in 3 games, and all important ones at that - the winners against Milan away and Sporting at home, and our opener tonight. Am really please cos I rate him and he has had a horrible year, with heaps of abuse poured on him, but tonight the fans were singing his name.

So we are beginning to be less Tottidependenti when it comes to scoring. Should have been four right near the end, too, with Giuly setting up Cassetti for a total sitter which he managed somehow to miss. Lazio finally woke up after their second goal and looked pretty decent, they pass the ball around nicely, but it was a case of too little too late (and just as well!) Overall it was a great match, exciting, a bit tense, some really great goals, and some very attractive attacking football from both sides.

My only complaint is that the Curva Nord were louder than I remembered them and at times much too loud. Still, it's not like we were quiet much. This kind of skips annoyingly in the middle, dunno why, possibly me being cackhanded and a bit focused on other things.


Favourite songs to sing at Lazio include "Sembra Napoli... è la curva B" and, one of my favourites, to the tune of Don't Cry for Me Argentina (which is a great tune for football chants and should be more widely used) "Laziale pezzo di merda, Tutta la curva t'insulta... Questo canzone è per te, con tutto l'odio che c'è, sempre più forte...!"

Disgracefully it was not even close to sold out: in particular, they had not sold out their whole end. Scandal! We had not sold all our €200 seats, which seems fair enough. But what's their excuse? On the other hand, they had some visitors from further afield:(click to see full size) If they can make it down from Poland, surely they can heft themselves up here from Frosinone? there must be enough of the buggers to fill their own curva, surely?

Anyway I'm happy, I dare say Mirko Vucinic is very happy, God is in his heaven and all's right with the world. (oh, apart from Milan winning 0-5 at Samp, but that's another, less important story for another day).


punk said...

eheheh, abbiamo anche un gruppo polacco, si chiama ultras lupi polacchi, vengono nelle trasferte del nord italia e sono noti in curva xkè si riconoscono a torso nudo in inverno,cantando a squarciagola.
Cmq è stato un bel derbye sopratutto l'abbiamo vinto noi!:)

Vincenzo said...

Per la Lazio merda,
per la Lazio merda,
per la Lazio merda,
fogna de 'sta citta..

Anonymous said...

cerco un laziale tutto l'anno e all'improvviso eccolo qua
vecchi ricordi da bambino, cor manganello a carca'
ora, che sono ultra', co' la pistola je vado a spara'
azzurro, il mio nemico è biancazzurro e deve mori'

NickLazio1900 said...

Interesting to see the usual comments about laziali being country bumpkins or not having any supporters; it seems that you have picked up on all the tired cliches on Rome's first ever football team in the limited amount of time that you've been there.

You should write an entry explaining how Lazio supporters drive tractors to the Olimpico. Yawn.

By the way, if you look at stupid things like *statistics*, you'll see that attendance figures for Roma and Lazio are quite similar. All this despite the usual propaganda one hears in Rome on the millions and millions of faithful Roma supporters who stuff the Olympic stadium at every opportunity.

Noi ricchi patrizi perché da sempre nobile stirpe.
Voi poveri plebei perché da sempre classe popolare.

Spangly Princess said...

hahahaha sense of humour failure much? what patronising shite.

interesting how your paranoia leads you to find things in this post which are absolutely not present!

meanwhile please explain how huge visible spaces in the Curva Nord are indicative of the popularity of the team?

nicklazio1900 said...

This is your blog so you can write whatever you want, however I am curious at how you report insults on pezzi di merda Lazio supporters at a derby with great glee and allow article comments on fun-loving chants which talk about shooting (?!) laziali. Why on earth would I not have a sense of humor about that?

I am also allegedly paranoid and patronizing you because I complain that you are purporting a false stereotype on fan attendance. Maybe I really am missing the point actually...

What I have picked up on though is the way you have perfectly integrated yourself with the masses of romanisti in Rome who allow themselves to shit on Lazio at every opportunity, yet cry bloody murder themselves when the other side has the unmitigated gall to react. Your prose could be translated into Italian and it'd just what the picture perfect romanista who confidently derides Lazie yet is unable to name three players on the team he supports apart from his belovedly uncouth prole of a team captain, Totti.

How is a picture of a section of a stand at God knows what time an indication of how unpopular the team is? Especially considering that the video that you embedded above shows the same distinto three times as full as the picture you posted below it! There's no denying that Lazio have been drawing considerably fewer supporters than in recent years, however I would humbly suggest that you use a slightly more scientific approach when commenting on something like this, as this is a problem with all clubs in Italy. Many reasons have been given to explain why this has happened, from the advent of pay-per-view to fan violence to the inferior quality of the facilities themselves, however my point is that Lazio's attendance figures have only been slightly below Roma's over the past twenty years. This despite, as I mentioned before, the myth that millions of romanisti converge on the stadio Olimpico at every opportunity while the stands at Lazio games are empty.

Don't take anything that I say personally, and if you want to write something entertaining, go ahead, however bear in mind that it's value as real information will diminish considerably too.

Spangly Princess said...

Ok, I haven't endeavoured to make a systematic and rigorous analysis of the relative crowds of Roma and Lazio. For what it's worth, is asked, my view is this:

Like all serie A sides, both clubs have seen average attendances fall significantly in last few years. In the time I've been going (about 5 years) I have noticed a drop off: the Sud is always crowded but the Tribuna Tevere in particular is noticeably less full that when I went to my first few games.

Neither side regularly fills the Olimpico. The fullest I've seen it, in fact, was for the Man Utd game. I don't, obviously, go to Lazio games, and am not commenting in detail on their average attendances. I do remember last year during the Six Nations reading in the paper that there had been more people at the Flaminio (capicity 24,000) for Italy-Scotland than at the Olimpico the same weekend for Lazio - I don't recall who they were playing. Given the irrelevance of rubgy in this country, I think that is worthy of a mention.

Certainly Rome is full of Romanisti who have no interest in going to matches, and no real interest in football for that matter, I know plenty. The Olimpico wouldn't be half empty every week if they were as dedicated as they'd like to make out. I dare say there are plenty of Laziali like that. I don't know many Laziali at all, quite by chance I'm sure.

As for the city/country thing: to me that's harmless banter, I'm can't see the need to get uptight about it. Nor the entirely normal cori contro which are sung by and against everybody. The comment above however is beyond the pale, I hadn't actually noticed it until I came back to this post in response to your comments. (I'm not going to delete it now, since it will make this conversation impossible to follow, but I would have done otherwise).

The fact remains: Lazio didn't sell all their tickets for the derby. I was surprised by this.

Finally, as a Roma fan writing about the derby, what would you expect?! If I went to read a Laziale's account of last year's 3-0 I'd not expect to like it much!