Tuesday, 13 November 2007

rearranged fixtures

Inter-Lazio and Roma-Cagliari will be now be played on Wednesday 5th December at 20,30. Nothing as yet on Atalanta-Milan, which having been suspended rather than cancelled is a bit more complex. Taranto-Massese, the C1 game suspended in similar circumstances, has been awarded 0-3 to the visitors, and Taranto have been further ordered to play the next four games behind closed doors. While so far the only confirmed suspension is of Serie B & C next weekend, it is by no means certain yet whether the championships will resume on 25 November, the next due date.

Meanwhile apparently Man Utd will be issuing their fans with ticket refunds if they decide they don't want to travel over for their game against us on 12 December. I can't decide if this is a bit hysterical or entirely understandable.

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Anonymous said...

Entirely understandable, even if things are just more of a shambles than they are dangerous.

- Juventino