Friday, 2 November 2007

Italian men

Are they all sex maniacs, or do I just seem to attract the especially, um, forward types? Or maybe it's Romans?

Exhibit A: this smooth romancer has been calling me at 4.30am a few times recently. I can only imagine what he wants to say to me.

Exhibit B: not to be outdone, this even less appealing prospect has been calling (from May 2006! we haven't seen each other for eighteen months! you gigantic loser) to see if I have developed a sudden appetite for being stood up by witless juventini.

Exhibit C: Last night I was out with a large group of mates and there was a bloke there I have met once or twice before, a friend of a friend, with, I assumed, his new girlfriend. In that they were all over each other in a disgusting fashion even at the dinner table. Apparently they're "just friends" though cos he doesn't want a relationship.

Later there was a bit of drunken banter, along the lines of "you always look great when I see you, when are we going to fuck?" to which I laughed and said "as soon as you get rid of the girlfriend" in an obviously non-serious way. Ah she's not a girlfriend, he said. Brilliant, sez I, CLEARLY JOKING, see you soon.

So I was a bit surprised to be woken up by a phone call at half-nine this morning from him saying "what are you up to right now, can I come round and lick your pussy?"


TrentToffee said...

As a casual observer of some of my Italian colleagues I'd have to say that the younger ones do have *it* on the brain. I think it has something to do with their mothers and sisters. The older ones (40+) prefer work and a good book. But I think that has something to do with the fact that (like most of us 40+ males) their bits stop working.

puk said...


Shep said...

He didn't even say please...bloody italians, no sophistication...

Antonio Gurrado said...

Am I?


ursus arctos said...

I'm afraid that the Perugia story is causing me to read this post in a rather different light from how it was intended.

Anonymous said...

Hi SpanglyPrincess

It's your hair colour! Unless you have to beat them off with a well-placed stab of grissini to the gonads, you just have to say "When in Rome..."(yeah, right!).

Great to discover your blog. Things not going so great for me up here in Hamburg. Woke up to see snow on car roofs too this a.m.

(This is Aliasboy/Martin BTW)