Monday, 12 November 2007

Here is today's press release from the Osservatorio Nazionale sulle Manifestazioni Sportivi, translated by yours truly since I can't find any other translations. You get it in full cos that's quickest for me.
This morning an extraordinary meeting of the Osservatorio Nazionale sulle Manifestazioni Sportive was held, in order to analyse the serious events which took place yesterday following the tragic death of the Lazio fan Gabriele Sandri, for which the group expressed their condolences and solidarity with the family.

On this theme the Osservatorio made in-depth considerations of the dynamics of the incidents which took place both within and outside the stadia of over 10 Italian cities, and in particular Rome, Bergamo, Taranto, Milan and Parma, expressions of a violence which cannot be in any way justified or accepted.

In this respect, in the light of the particular threat posed to public safety by certain fan bases, as also affirmed by representatives of the transport network present at the meeting, who testified to their fears for the safety of their employees, emphasis was placed on the need to proceed in an ever more rigorous fashion with the strategies previously adopted, both preventive and repressive.

The Osservatorio has therefore determined that:

• From 1st March all stadia with a capacity of over 7,500 must have suitably selected and trained stewards in place, failing which the relevant Prefect may order games to be played behind closed doors.
• Public safety must prevail "in absolute" over all other legitimate interests, and so Questori [police chiefs] are to be made encouraged to cancel or suspend matches, every single time that incidents take place, even if outside the stadium or on the transport network.

In addition, in order to adopt measures which further weaken the strength of groups, which is manifest above all during "away trips", it has been decided that, until some adequate "guarantee" such as fans' ID cards has been introduced, and in perfect agreement with the regulations introduced in February by the Government, mass away travel of violent fan groups will no longer be permitted. Specific restrictions will be issued on a case by case basis by the Osservatorio, reguarding both the "away section" and the sale of match tickets, in order to reinforce the spirit of the law which is increasingly being circumnavigated by the purchase of tickets "on line" by groups.

This means that:

• The Osservatorio will analyse each match in the light of these dispositions, analysing, on the basis of these presumptions, the possibility of authorising away games for those fans who have given evidence of sporting conduct and good behaviour.
• The procedures for creating "fans' ID cards" should be simplified as much as possible in order to create a new configuration of supporters "as soon as possible", as official representatives of their respective teams.

The meeting has been adjourned, as usual, til next Thursday in order to analyse affairs in the light of the decisions taken by the Minister [for Sport] Melandri with the sporting authorities with regard to the fixture calendar.

12 November 2007
Violent tifoserie? That means Roma, Lazio, Napoli, Juve, Palermo, Catania, Inter, Atalanta, Milan, Torino, Livorno, possibly Genoa & Samp. Also Brescia, Verona, Cavese, Taranto, Juve Stabia, Salernitana, Sambenedettese, Ascoli... need I go on?

In other news, Serie B & C have been suspended for next weekend (Serie A was halted anyway for the international break. It seems however eminently likely that Serie A will also be suspended at some stage, though for how long it is impossible to know. The main curve of Taranto and Atalanta will be closed as a punishment for their violence, possibly for the whole of the rest of the season. Arrests are continuing, with at least 8 Atalantini arrested today. The charge of terrorism against those arrested here in Rome is a way of establishing whether the violence was in fact deliberately arranged or manipulated, possibly for political ends. I'd not be too surprised (scratch the surface of hooliganism in this city and neofascism is never far away). As ever, more as it comes.


Martha said...

THANK YOU for translating that, Google was making my eyes bleed.

It sounds like at the FIGC press conference, the Serie A restart was named as November 25; is that wrong, or do you think they're lying? Or that it'll change later this week?

ursus arctos said...

Abete did say that the restart is expected for the 25th (Serie A was already off next weekend for the Scotland match), but everything is subject to change at this point.

Brian said...

Thanks to all here (Spangly Princess, and also Martha and Ursus) for what has been really excellent coverage of this nightmarish situation--the work you've done in keeping the innumerable strands of this story collected in one place has been exemplary and has shown the value of blogs in a crisis. I just wanted to let you know that I've linked to your coverage in my own discussion at The Run of Play, in a post on why we find football violence so fascinating. You can see my post here:

Football Violence, in Italy and Everywhere

Thanks again for your terrific work.

PhilCAFC said...

Thanks from me also, great, insightful coverage as ever.

ID cards? Eek. That's going to make travelling over for games even harder. I booked flights on Friday for Milan-Juve and Atalanta-Napoli, guess I can write that off (like Milan-Samp in February).

Hard to see where we go from here, but as you said, this goes much deeper than football. Training stewards and restricting tickets won't change anything socially. It's sad that again a life has to be lost for upheaval to even be considered.

Chelsea Boy said...

November 25 eh? I heppen to be out in Rome on that very day. Should be interesting, to say the least.

Spangly Princess said...

Dear PhilCAFC:

don't hold your breath on the ID cards, nor anything else. Wait and see what happens when the dust has settled. And don't panic about the prospect of getting to games, nice safe tourists is exactly who they want to encourage! (I'm assuming you're not a rabid hoolie?)