Thursday, 25 October 2007

Roma 2 - 1 Sporting Lisbona

we won... only just. I have to go to bed. I meant to write earlier, but things have been manic and some parts of my personal life have been a trifle stressful this week. Vucinic scored, bravo Mirko. Totti has hurt his ankle (not that one, luckily). We were lucky. There were loads of Spurs fans in the Sud on holiday, they were less amused than I by the 7-0 at Emirates. On the other hand they were probably more amused than I was about the lax defending at the Olimpico. Still 3 points is 3 points, Brian, and we can be reasonably confident about qualification. Good win for Milan tonight, pleased to see Liverpool and Lazio losing too. That's all you're getting for now, sorry it's short and inadequate.


TrentToffee said...

Watch out Spangles, they're out to get you !!

It's provoking plenty of comment.

garibaldy said...

"sorry it's short and inadequate"

Who are you quoting here?

Richard said...

No need for you to apologise for being short and inadequate. David Pizarro - now HE should apologise for being short and inadequate.

I thought it was a poor performance on Tuesday. De Rossi and Pizarro were completely anonymous. Doni and Mexes were in flapping around mode. Juan was Roma's MOTM by some considerable distance.

I wonder, has Juan been compared to Aldair in the Roman press? Reliable, leggy black Brazilian centre-back, with a bit of class on the ball.

TrentToffee said... subject but. I think know why you saw that James Bond geezer at your old Oxford college. I think they were filming the Golden Compass. The first part of "His Dark Materials" by Philip Pullman.

Now why the hell did I just think of that ?

Spangly Princess said...

indeed, TT, that's absolutely correct. Quite a bit of it was filmed in my college. there was a stuffed leopard much in evidence also.

TrentToffee said...

..of course. And I can tell you exactly why I thought of it. As I was wandering through WH Smiths I noticed a magazine cover with Daniel Craig on the cover looking all bearded, and tweedy, and donnish with the words Golden Compass somewhere, and it clicked. Where else but to film it other than at one of the Oxford (or Cambridge) colleges.

p.s. Read the link I posted earlier on blogging. They're going to make you an outlaw :0)

Richard said...

Christ Church again? Or one of the others?

Antonio Gurrado said...

Spangly, you're never short nor inadequate.


ginkers said...

It was a good win, I thought, a lot of character to take the three points without Totti and others. Be a real boost to the Giallorossi if Vucinic could get back to top form on a regular basis.