Tuesday, 2 October 2007

Manchester Utd 1 - 0 Roma

Well, it was much better than it might have been. I was so nervous I couldn't breathe properly at teh start, and by the looks of things nor could the players. The first 10 minutes we just looked terrified. But things picked up gradually, with much counting down of the minutes, and by half-time I was a bit calmer. We were defending too deep at times and frequently ending up all bunched up in the centre (sound familiar at all?) but when we went wide they struggled to contain us, and their defence looked distinctly surprisable.

No surprise, however, about the nature of our problem: we cant put the ball in the net. In fact, we seem to have mastered the art of creating a situation where it seems almost impossible NOT to score, and then somehow managing it. Whereas Utd of course have Rooney and he did that thing that he does and even though we responded well and didn't give up... it wasn't quite enough. Basically it was very frustrating. We need to learn to cross and to fucking shoot. Jesus.

Other things:
  • Curci is much much better at coming out for the ball than Doni is. If he got his shot-stopping up to Doni's standard he'd be a great keeper
  • Yes there should have been a penalty and no Mancini was never offside but I don't want to moan about the ref cos it's really boring when people do that. If we'd have scored there would be no issue.
  • Our fans were great, you could hear them singing all the way through. Especially Tutti allo stadio and a resounding chorus of E la lazio, merda! at the very end
  • why did we buy Giuly? why aren't we starting Vucinic? he looked great today. Oh and fuck off with your 'who are ya' chants, Utd, he scored against you at the Olimpico, that's who he is.
  • bring on 12 December!!


Anonymous said...

giĆ  una serata terribile anche x me...
temevo un altro incubo eh!

ginkers said...

Much better than last time, wish they had played that way in the previous game!

I, too, once predicted great things for Curci - I hope he proves me right. He was just starting to show great form when he was usurped by Doni.

And don't worry about those Manc chants. As you say, hopefully, they will get their just reward in the Olimpico...

TrentToffee said...

I agree, it was a penalty. It was at least one point dropped. The keeper looks decent as well. I'd hope he's earned a lengthy run between the sticks.

Vincenzo said...

- why did we buy Giuly? why aren't we starting Vucinic?

Giuly is a Attacking Midfielder but Vucinic is a striker. Spalletti using 4-2-3-1 system, so Totti is alone united gol area.

Spangly Princess said...

haha grazie Vincenzo, I understand the theory, I just disagree with it.

Vincenzo said...

Yes, I dont like this theory :)

Aussie Romanista said...

Aren't poms just shit??
"Who are ya!".... I mean what is that crap?
No one Will ever have a better chance to beat United at Old Trafford. That was the opportunity.
Perrotta should have his left leg amputated. He's really pissing me off lately. Spewing about Aquilani. The matched turned when he went off. Mancini is still a wanker. Didn't get the penalty cos he's a diver. You know the story of the little boy who cried wolf? Same goes for divers. Dive too much and you won't get the ones you deserve.