Tuesday, 30 October 2007

derby news

eeeeek we are without Totti! he is broken still and isn't in the squad. Nor are Taddei, Aquilani or a few minor players, but Francè is the most serious absence. Even though he's rarely at his best against Lazio, I think he cares too much, we could do with his galvanising and totemic presence. That said, the last derby we won (Feb 2006, 0-2) was when he was out with his pre-Mondiali ankle injury. So he's not essential.

But Lazio aren't in a great place, lots of injuries, been struggling a little, currently 14th in the league equal on points with Milan.

Objectively, we ought to win. But I don't like making predictions, and especially not for the derby. Speriamo bene.


Richard said...

I'm quite noisily confident ahead of the derby. James Richardson said on the Guardian podcast that Lazio's keeper is the worst he's ever seen. They're on dire form. Surely a win is beyond them, and a draw, though disappointing, would not be disastrous for Roma given their recent run of fixtures. Especially if Genoa can peg back Inter at San Siro.

Tragically, the game is not available on channel 5 in the UK. They are showing Empoli-Roma live by way of recompense on Sunday. But it's not exactly a fair swap, is it?

I was pleased to see Five pick up the rights to Serie A, but the truth is now dawning on me: we need calcio on a dedicated sports channel, so that the big games will be shown regardless of the time of day they're played.

Forza Roma.

Antonio Gurrado said...

Please defeat them tonight and give a contribution to Lazio's relegation (instead of Milan's).

Thanks, bacetti.

Pat said...

Hey wins over milan and lazio now, both without totti, thats not too shabby.