Monday, 1 October 2007

Roma 1 - 4 Inter

If you want to know about the 2-2 at Fiorentina on Wednesday, you can re-read the Juve match report. The fundamentals are the same. Wasted chances, lack of concentration at the end, last-gasp equaliser, 3 points thrown away.

Still, turns out drawing 2-2 isn't so bad after all.

If you're lucky I might share my thoughts on this ridiculous game. If you're even luckier I might not. *kicks cat*

[n.b. to concerned readers: I have no cat, nor would I kick any but a metaphorical beastie.]

People were saying that this was the week of truth, that after these three games in 6 days, we'd be able to see whether Roma were serious title contenders or not. On this basis, I think we can say: not. Ebbeh.


Richard said...

How do you think Roma will react at Old Trafford on Tuesday? Assuming there are no injuries to key players, I wonder if Roma might cause an upset. United keep winning 1-0 - they don't have many goals in them - and if Roma can convert a couple of chances...

TrentToffee said...

I caught the highlights, well, the goals at least. It looked like a real horror show. Once again the soft centre emerged, and, Doni had a game to forget. And, I didn't recognise Crespo.

Still, if it's any consolation, Milan were pretty crap as well. To my shame, considering what happened there last season, I leapt out of my seat when Catania`s goal went in (I always support the underdog), and howled with derision when the ref awarded that soft penalty (it looked like ball-to-arm from where I was sitting).

Looking forward to Old Trafford. I don't think that Roma going to get much from that fixture either. You certainly won't get battered like last season. But, despite the fact that they can't score a goal, Man Utd are a hard team to break down at the moment. On current form a draw would be a good result.

Finally, off subject, Man Utd let Rosi go (who's currently banging them in for fun at Valencia). Then spend £Zillions on Tevez/Nani/Hargreaves/Anderson (who've scored and made 2 goals between them). Whilst Ericsson shrewedly picks up Elano (F*ck !! he's good), Giovani, and Bianchi for a song, and turns Petrov into a good player. There's only one team in Manchester :0)

Antonio Gurrado said...

Come on, it's still a long way to the Scudetto and Inter will collapse indeed.