Monday, 3 September 2007

Palinuro photos

So there's a headland, which has sea either side of it, as is the wont of headlands.

And my friend, who is to be precise the girlfriend of my perhaps-future-radio-co-presenter, has a house up on the hill looking out so you can see both sides, with a garden, and olive trees, and outdoor eating areas, and table football, and a terrace.

And you can sit on the terrace and read and look at the sea. It's all rather idyllic.

The town is a bit weird since it's a favoured summer spot of napoletani, and though I don't wish to casually propagate my grandmother's quasi-Leghista prejudices, there was a great deal of.... well, of casual ignorance and hard-core vulgarity. But the place is beautiful, the local mozzarella is fantastic, the sea is clean and warm. I did quite a lot of work there too, believe it or not, getting up ah 7.30 and sitting on the terrace with my laptop while it was still cool. It would all have been much better had CB been there with me (though it might have stopped me ogling the 20 year old brother of my hostess who has an apparently pathological aversion to being clothed) but it was a lovely few days.


Anonymous said...

stupenda vista di questo posto
sono senza parole!

chelsea boy said...

Yeah, because me being there would have stopped you ogling the 20-year-old wouldn't it? You bloody pervert you.

Spangly Princess said...

Ciao, anonimo... mi dici chi sei?!

Hush you. I reserve the right to ogle men with perfect bodies as and when I see fit.

TrentToffee said...

define perfect ?

chelsea boy said...

It's certainly not one with love handles.

Anonymous said...

I suppose the one good thing about being 55 next week is that as such an old lady it would be perfectly acceptable for me to ogle beautiful naked or semi-naked young men? The same would apply to your mother....whay hay!!

de vertalerin said...

Yay, Philly! Bring 'em on!