Sunday, 23 September 2007

Juve merda

Oh bollocking pissballs. 2 points thrown stupidly and needlessly away. Gah.

Stadium sold out except for the €250 seats. Great atmosphere, loads of noise, and a match which for a good 60 minutes was exciting and very positive.

Juve didn't look all that at any stage. They lost possession easily, were really dirty and niggly, and their attacking threat was sporadic and frequently half-hearted. And in our good spells we were brilliant, passing the ball around nicely, taking our time, making space, and creating loads of chances. The problems are these:
  • why do we need 387 chances for every goal scored?
  • why can no fucker cross the ball?
  • is that why they don't bother getting into the area, cos they know no-one can put a decent cross in?
  • who apart from Totti is going to score regularly?
  • had someone won a prize to impersonate Mexes today?
Good points: Totti, Totti and Totti. Um. Aquilani was brilliant, Juan played well, Cicinho looks promising. Bad points: we got complacent and sloppy. We need to not lose concentration so easily. Top teams always score right at the end and we rarely do. Mancini was rather anonymous. Perrotta missed a number of excellent chances. No-one noticed when Giuly came on: not Roma, certianly not Juve, possibly not even Giuly himself.


Let's see if this swanky new video embedding thing works or not. I have my doubts, frankly. But it's worth a try. [edit: apparently so. So apologies now for the poor quality of the filmino which starts mid-way through the chant. Better next time, maybe.]


punk said...

il filmino è ok!fa sentire l'atmosfera dentro la curva.

TrentToffee said...

Good game, Caught it on C5. Agree with you in that Roma need another goal scorer. But you would expect your midfielders to bag some of the chances that they had (Perrotta should be kicked mercilessly).

It was a real mugs goal at the end. But on balance Iaquinta deserved it (he was Juves best player on the day).

For me Roma still lack that bit of steely resolve that will make them last the pace. But what do I know ? I'm the bloke who said that "Inter will batter all before them". I hope I'm wrong on both counts :0)

Aussie Romanista said...

Mancini and Taddei are both wankers. Mancini is a diving asshole. I can't stand that weak girly diving crap. Taddei is so over rated and obviously can't shoot for shit. Someone in Row Q of the distinti at least got a souvenir to take home... the match ball! Both of them embarassed all Romanisti with their performances.

Perrotta for all his hard work and running off the ball to get into positions for through-balls etc wastes his chances, he can't beat an opponent one on one and seems to panic. Then he scores a cracker like against Kiev. Frustrating. De Rossi seemed scared to shoot from outside the box. Totti was brilliant but he is the only one with the killer instinct for goal. Some excellent play, one-two in-out passing manouvres and dominated for large parts but we should have won 4-1. In the end we were typically Roma... too cocky and it cost us 2 points.

I felt bad watching a true legend like Del Piero play with such little confidence. He couldn't do anything right (except for a good ball to Iaquinta to set up Juve's first). I wished it was someone else who missed the penalty. But against Udinese he hit the woodwork 3 times and some awesome free kicks so it's not all bad.

Antonio Gurrado said...

Thanks for the filmino, it made me feel the real Olimpico atmosphere! (Of course it's not true.)

More, did you ever thought to translate your match review in Italian and send it to some newspaper? You should, really.


Spangly Princess said...

hehe AR I always feel very lacking in impassioned rantyness next to you. But what you say about typical Roma rang all too true. I could see the equaliser coming a mile off. When are you going to come over next?

Aussie Romanista said...

I'm hanging to come back Princess. Maybe we could go to a match together. 3 times at the Olimpico to watch Roma but never in the Curva Sud... next time. maybe next year...