Thursday, 20 September 2007

A Disgusting Pig

I'd like to share a news snippet from last week which may have escaped your attention. I spend a lot of time on this blog describing how wonderful life in Italy is, and it's only appropriate that I should share some of the less delightful aspects too.

This story concerns Roberto Calderoli, Senator of the Republic, native of Bergamo, dentist, former minister and all round cunt. You may remember him from such scandals as the Prophet Mohammed cartoon scandal which forced his resignation, or when he defined the awful electoral law he had himself created under Berlusconi as "a load of crap". Or when he explained Italy's victory in the World Cup as "a victory of Italian identity over a nation which sacrificed its identity by fielding blacks, muslims and communists." Or when he described Naples as a sewer full of rats which needed to be exterminated by whatever means necessary. Or stated that immigrants should not be given electoral rights since "a civilised country shouldn't give the vote to a load of bingo bongo who have only just come down out of the trees." He has called the people of Belgium a load of paedophiles and stated that it's absurd for gays to claim equal rights, since they will burn in hell for all eternity. I could go on. And yes, he is STILL a Senator, an elected representative of the people.

Anyway there has been a plan to build a new Mosque in Bologna. The local council has granted permission and a plot of land has been identified. Thinking very carefully about what you have read so far about the charming Mr Calderoli, what do you think his views are on Islam?

Well, you may be amazed to learn that he has a few doubts about the religion and its practioners. And so, doubtless in the democratic spirit of opening up a healthy, tolerant and informed debate, he last week announced his plans (on the first day of Ramadan) to... take his pig for a walk on the site. He has already employed this tactic in the northern city of Lodi, taking his own pig to piss and shit on the ground, in order to defile it and render it unsuitable for its intended use. So, selflessly "he places himself and his pig at the disposal of the anti-Mosque campaigners." (In Lodi the tactic worked... in Bologna, it appears, even the threat of it has worked, since the plan has now been shelved.) He declared they would hold a "pig day"! Some might argue we already have a pig day in Italy, every time this arsehole appears on the telly.

Senator Calderoli: the one with the green tie


codazzo said...

he seems to have a fetish for pigs :D

he called that law "una porcata", hence the name "porcellum" (akin to "mattarellum") which became popular on newspapers.

(what follows is a story, only marginally related to the subject but entertaining nonetheless)
this friend of mine told me he was on a tram once in milan. his eyes fell on what looked like a known face: square with square glasses, white hair, double chin, smug look... green tie. there, he was a leghista. before he could start thinking of pretexts for argument, a man in the tram walked up to the guy and asked, "excuse me, are you mario borghezio?". he welcomed the question with a papal smile: "yes, I am".
he slapped him right in the face, turned his back and walked away: the tram had stopped.

my friend's eyes sparkled with merriment.

I'm sorry i'm not violent but you know. my mom would give me one from time to time and I've grown up with a good education. :D

punk said...

calderoli รจ pazzo, tutto qua.

Any major dude with half a heart said...

In America the dude would have his syndicated radio show. I cannot decide whether that is better or not.

Spangly Princess said...

Funnily enough I was thinking about posting about Mario Borghezio too, only having posted about Calderoli and Usmanov already my poor blog might sinkl under the weight of these loathsome bastards. Borghezio - another Lega Nord politician - is the chap who went round a train with disinfectant making black women stand up and disinfecting all the surfaces they had touched.

Glad to hear I'm not alone in my revulsion.