Sunday, 5 August 2007

Vegetable healthiness 0 deepfriedness 5

Last weekend we bought a Very Large Aubergine of a beautiful violet shade and were moved by it to make some frittelle.

We sliced it up with some yellow pepper and some baby courgettes and also the carefully washed flowers of the courgettes, a lovely cheery orange colour. How, then to render this healthy base material into something fully heart-attack inducing?

We made a light beer based batter (egg, flour, salt, beer) and dipped the veg into it and deep-fried them. And ate them with a light squeeze of lemon and lots of very cold beer. Happy days. Menabrea, incidentally, is very nice for a cheap italian lager.

I think I need to work on my food photography. I'm a bit hungover and tired today after spending all day in the sunshine drinking a revolting amount of lager at the AFC Wimbledon v FC United of Manchester friendly yesterday (2-0) with many lovely people from 40% and OTF (yes all my friends are off t'interweb, what's you're point?) and I could just eat a plate of battered veg. I somehow managed to spend a silly amount of cash as well. *feels delicate* So yeah, I'm back in the UK for a bit, got house stuff to sort out so it's all ready for my new tenants (who are actually my old tenants) to move into.


Meredith said...

Hey cool, you're back. Get in touch if you want to get together.

Glad to hear you've found tenants for your place - I just got offered a room in university accommodation again, which is a relief.

My mouth was watering at the sight of those fried veges, I must admit. And your recent post about gelato makes me miss Rome terribly. Sure as hell don't miss the heat, though!

ginkers said...

Nothing wrong with a bit of beer batter - as long as its taken in moderation.

punk said...

mi fai venire voglia di mangiare!

Paul de Man said...

Point is the misplacement of you're apostrophe.

garibaldy said...

call that unhealthy eating? rubbish

martinobhoy said...

I'm from the nation that deep fries Mars Bars and sells them to children so this would be regarded as a healthy option in Scotland.

TrentToffee said...

Fantastic ! I now know what to cook for dinner tonight. I won't be able to get hold of the courgette flowers though.

Reminds me of a conversation I had with an old fella selling vegetables in Spoleto :-

Me : What are these flowers ?
OF : Courgette.
Me : What do you do with them ?
OF : (furrowed brow - quizical look) Eat them !
Me : How ?
OF : Fried. Want some ?
Me : No. Sorry, I'm on holiday.
OF : Well fuck off then.

p.s. I just made up that last comment :0)

de vertalerin said...

Delicately battered and fried courgette flowers are one of my favourite things. If you fried 'em in olive oil I don't see how they're that unhealthy. I miss my deep-fat fryer, which produced much dryer, less greasy pakora that shallow frying does.

Paul de Man said...

How's things?

Spangly Princess said...

well, we deep fried them in ground nut oil, but yeah they were crispy and not greasy. yum.

Paul de Man said...

Hey there lady spangles, I was wondering whether there was any post for me at silver road that looked as though it had come from the Policy Exchange in westminster (10 Storey's Gate) which might be a thick envelope with a contract in it and the envelope might have orange accents (see website for exciting colour scheme clues).

I miss you and Sly and the Family Stone do as well. I am so sunburnt - it is quite remarkable. I am peeling and I can't lie on my back.