Monday, 20 August 2007

Supercoppa: Inter 0 - 1 Roma

2007, the San Siro, Inter-Roma: three games, three Roma celebrations. I think there's a certain song I'm searching for... what could it be... ah yes, that would be CAN WE PLAY YOU EVERY WEEK. (overexcited? moi?) I was rather keen on the headline in today's Gazzetta (and no, I don't normally read it, it's a northern rag, but someone had left their copy on the plane back to Fiumicino so I picked it up): San Siro ha un solo padrone: Totti [I think even the most linguistically challenged reader should be able to decipher that one.]

OK so the Supercoppa is only the Supercoppa (the equivalent of the Charity Shield for those who don't know) so it's not exactly gran ché. But it's a trophy, our second Supercoppa on the Albo d'oro after the one we won in 2001 as Champions, and our second piece of silverware this year.

The match was even more encouraging than the result. We bossed the first half entirely, and though Inter came out more strongly after the interval they never looked like beating us. Although Giuly wasted shots on goal like a stuttering teenager failing to ask a hot girl out on a date, we nonetheless created loads of chances. Mancini and Perrotta started the evening on the bench, both returning from injury, so Giuly was in the centre alongside Taddei and Vucinic making up the third of the trident (I can't think of the english word we use here; is there one?) Is it just me or is it wilfully peverse to play Vucinic, a proper striker, behind Totti, a forward who likes to drop back? I understand that Spalletti doesn't want to change the formula but it leaves Francé susceptible to isolation and makes us look very lightweight when things dont work. But yesterday it did work so I shouldn't complain. Even without Pizarro we dominated the midfield, Aquilani playing very well alongside De Rossi and more than displaying the qualities which have earned him his spot at the Azzurri camp where he is currently in ritiro. Meanwhile Juan is out for a while with a minor niggle so Panucci played alongside Mexes in defence and did a perfectly competent job.

While we were playing pacy, well-organised football, passing the ball around nicely and keeping possession well, Inter were looking like they were a bunch of lads who'd just met on the beach and thought they'd overcome the barriers of multiple languages and nationalities by having a bit of a half-hearted kickaround. No, wait, is that a metaphor or a description? Either way, they were much poorer than they should have been, judging not just by their team-sheet or their status as (such convincing) Champions, but by their victory at Old Trafford a fortnight or so ago. The Italian passion for statistics inevitable rears its head here: we had 5 shots on target to their 2, 9 off-target to their 5, while the ratio of corners is an astonishing 11-0. Roberto Mancini protested that he 'lacks alternatives' on the right. The sheer audacity of complaining about this enormous squad, assembled at eye-watering expense, can't even be fully explained by his lazialità. Delusions of grandeur, I reckon.

Anyway as you probably guessed I have been away, sorting things out in the UK and then having an all too brief holiday in Sardegna with the lovely CB. I shall soon post photos, more propaganda posters, some replies to queries people have made and much, much more.


de vertalerin said...


Was good to see you. Even good to lug your boxes of books around.


ursus arctos said...


Perotta has been banned for the first game that counts.

France can still fall with the best of them; very artfully done.

I just hope he's paid his taxes.

Aussie Romanista said...

are you saying it wasn't a peanlty?
you'd surely have to be kidding.

Spangly Princess said...

oh it was certianly a penalty but he made the most of it, too. He made sure that he sealed the deal, so to speak. No criticism of that, mind.

TrentToffee said...

enter "San Siro ha un solo padrone: Totti" into Babelfish, and it comes back with "Saint Siro has a solo landladies: Totti" :0)

punk said...

eccome mancavano i tuoi commenti sempre giusti!:)