Wednesday, 1 August 2007

Italian fixture lists published

First up, round of applause to FIGC and the Lega for publishing the Serie A list so incredibly early. Ahem. We kick off on 26 August. And I must say Roma have a particularly lovely opening run ofgames:

Palermo Roma 26/8
Roma Siena 02/9
Reggina Roma 16/9
Roma Juventus 23/9
Fiorentina Roma 26/9
Roma Inter 30/9

Christ alfuckingmighty in at the deep end or what? and with Lazio and Milan in the following month too. Juve, Fiorentina and Inter inside a week??? Sounds like fun. The good bit about the awful start is that we have a nice simple run-in, of course. Meanwhile the derby is gong to be a mid-week affair (31/10 and 19/3) and distressingly the return (away) fixture is the same night as the climax of Fallas. Argh. which is more important? I can't quite work it out. Damnation.

Other reactions to the draw are mixed: whilst the Roma representative said he felt we had the worst of it, Inter are happy since they're at home on the very day of their centenary (9 March 1908) and have a fairly easy start, while the Milan derby is the Christmas game (23/12).

Still I am as excited as a small child. And Napoli this season too! That will be a nice, peaceful, amicable fixture, greeted by both sets of fans in a spirit of fair play, mutual respect, friendship and the total absence of knives. Oh yes. Hehe actually I am looking forward to it (blade wielding notwithstanding) since you can at least guarantee a great atmosphere. Bring on 2nd September, first home game of the season!


Anonymous said...

Yikes. That's a nasty set of opening fixtures. It's just as well Roma fans see the Lega as a bastion of impartiality and professionalism - otherwise they might get paranoid. What is that theory about the vento del nord?

I think Spalletti now has to consider fielding weakened teams for some of the easier games to try and keep the best players fresh. The cumulative effect of those games will be horrible. Please tell me there won't be Champions League fixtures to add to the mix in September/October?

I must admit, I think the Roma-Napoli rivalry is shame. I can't help liking the Neapolitans. In principle. I've never actually met one.

Do you brave the curva sud, Spangles?

Anonymous said...

PS - tried to post as Romanista, but Blogger playing up.

martinobhoy said...

This caught me completely by surprise when I saw it on Ginkers' blog.

I take it there's seen to be no problem in Rome with a midweek derby? It seems we're not allowed to play Rangers at any other time than noon on a Sunday these days to try to get us all to behave.

Spangly Princess said...

Yep, Romanista, am a season ticket holder in the Sud. No bravery involved, it's fine!

The Roma-Napoli rivalry hasn't always been there, up until not so long ago there was a kind of loose 'gemellaggio' between the two groups, which ended in uncertain circumstances to do with violence and 'lack of respect'.

As for the midweek derby, no, people are not happy. For security reasons, we are not supposed to have high risk games at night, which raises the hideous prospect of the derby being played in the afternoon. And yes, they are quite capable of scheduling it for 17.30 on a Wednesday cos they're cunts like that. However people are already complaining about the ridiculousness of it, notably the director of sport for the regional government. SO maybe it will be changed... but I'd not hold your breath.

Aussie Romanista said...

Princes I'll be disappointed if you didn't buy a ticket to Italy v France?
I almost did "just in case". I still might.