Friday, 6 July 2007

season ticket renewal

so on 2nd July the season ticket renewal period started & I can't get back to Rome in time to renew in person. So I have to do it over the phone. Grr. I hate using the phone. Stress. Though thank god it's possible. Otherwise I would be contemplating flying back this week for 24 hours just to sort it out. Will have to call later when I have my passport to hand.

On the bright side, they've kept prices the same as last year (€235 in curva) and introduced brilliant family packages such that with one full price season ticket you can get a spouse ticket at a reduction from 25% in curva through to almost 50% in the most expensive sectors, and also kids' tickets ast a similar discount from normal under 16s as part of the package. Not that I have either a spouse or a kid but the principle is great. So a couple with two kids could get 4 season tickets in the most expensive sector €3050 for instead of €4200: or in Curva they would pay €600 instead of €780. (Frankly even the full prices seem very cheap to English eyes, but there you go). The fact that a family of four could buy their season tickets for just over £400 is gobsmacking... at some Premiership clubs you'd not get even 1 season ticket for that price!


martinobhoy said...

What a bargain. Mine is over £500 to watch the likes of Kilmarnock, Motherwell & Gretna. With cheap flights to Italy I'm again flirting with the idea of getting a season ticket for a Serie A team.

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